Frequently Asked Cleaning Formula Questions

BISSELL’s industry leading chemists develop innovative cleaning formulas to maximize performance.

Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions to our chemists.

Yes – for example, a 24 oz bottle of BISSELL 2X cleans the same amount of carpeting as the 48 oz BISSELL non-concentrated cleaning formula.

BISSELL’s line of smart, simple vacuum cleaners. Our CleanView family is designed with form and function in mind. The lightweight design of each CleanView lets you take it around your home for a quick and efficient clean, so cleaning up is no big deal.

New BISSELL 2X Concentrated Cleaning formulas come with a built in measuring cap for easy measuring.

If you own a deep cleaning machine purchased prior to September 2009, click here for guides to mark your tank with the new fill line to make cleaning even easier next time.

Yes! None of the cleaning has been reduced, only the size of the bottle.

OxyGen2® or OxyPro® both work well on wine stains. Apply to stain and wait approximately 5 minutes (wait longer for really bad stain) to let cleaners work. Blot with clean, white absorbent cloth. Repeat as necessary. Deep Clean carpet with BISSELL full size or portable machine.