Model No 1618622

Charger ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum


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Charger for the BISSELL® ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum

Follow these instructions for Docking and Charging your Robot:

  • To help the robot find its home, we recommend at least 40 inches (1 meter) of space between the dock and any walls or obstacles around it.
  • Choose a spot with a good WiFi signal in your home.
  • Set up the dock in a central part of your home to help improve docking success.
  • For best docking performance, dock should be on hard floor surface.
  • Robot may spend up to 20 minutes searching for dock when the battery is low.
  • Plug the Power Adapter into the wall and the back of the dock. The light will illuminate when the dock is ON.
  • Turn the Power Switch on the bottom of the robot ON (I).
  • Place the robot on the dock. The Battery Status Light will flash to indicate charging. Charge for 4 hours for maximum cleaning time.

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Name Charger ICONpet™ Robotic Vacuum
Model No 1618622
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