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Changing Belt | How to Videos | C4 Cyclonic® Canister Vacuum

Watch this video for assistance changing the belt on your C4 Cyclonic Canister Vacuum.

Video Transcript:

Check the rotating floor brush and belt on your C4 Cyclonic Canister Vacuum regularly for wear to keep them in good working order.

First, unplug the vacuum and turn it over. Remove the brush cover from the bottom of the powerfoot by popping open the two horizontal tabs and then the two vertical tabs

Lift out the brush roll and clean off any strings, hair or carpet fibers. Then check the brush for damage and make sure it spins freely.

Next clear away any debris from the air passageway.

Now, unscrew the belt access panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the belt. Push the belt to the side to get it out from the back of the motor pulley. Check the belt for wear. If the brush doesn't spin easily, or the belt seems loose, it will need to be replaced.

To put the belt back on the machine, use a flat-head screwdriver to help push it back over the motor pulley. Then put the access panel back over the belt and secure it with the screw.

Loop the belt over the brush roll and push both ends of the brush roll back into place. Rotate it several times by hand. If it is installed correctly, the belt will center itself on the brush.

Replace the brush cover by sliding the bottom in the track and pressing the top in the middle, then at the outside. You will hear clicks as the tabs snap back into place.

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