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BOLT Lithium - Cleaning the Brush Roll | Model 1954

Lets clean the brush roll on your BOLT Lithium

  • Your brush may collect hair and debris, or a blinking red light may indicate it is bound with hair. .
  • To take care of this, turn your Bolt off, press the vacuum foot release button to disconnect from the vacuum
  • Turn over of the foot of the machine to expose the brush roll
  • Slide the tab down to unlock, then lift the corner cover piece.
  • Grab the brush roll and remove
  • Clear any hair or string from the brush ends, around the brush roll, and where it connects to the foot.
  • Place the brush roll back into the foot, then secure it into place by locking the tab.
  • Replace the vacuum body into the foot.

Your brush roll is now cleared and ready to use again!

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