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Why pets? It’s our love for pets that drives us to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save pets in need.
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Summer is just around the corner and my dog, Chilly, and I can’t wait! Every year, we look forward to spending more time outside, whether it’s lounging on the patio or taking a stroll along the beach. My cats, Turtle and Olivia, also love the longer days and stake their claim to the best sun puddles in the house.

With the return of summer come sunny skies, longer days and warm temperatures. That makes it the perfect time to sniff out new adventures with your four-legged friend! Of course, unless you have an unusual cat, she’s probably perfectly content to while away summer days on the windowsill. So, feel free to leave Fluffy at home while you and Fido make the most out of this sizzling season.

Consider a professional pet sitter. Hiring a pet sitter doesn’t have to be a stressful process. It is surprisingly affordable and, fortunately, there is no shortage of pet sitters available these days. Whether you are looking for a pet sitter who will care your pet in your home or in theirs, before you lay down your hard earned cash, consider the following tips for finding a top-notch professional:

Spring fever is in full gear and with thoughts turning toward warmth and sunshine comes the desire to take a weekend trip or overdue vacation. While more people than ever before are taking their pets on vacation with them, some pets will need stay put and “hold down the home-front.”

Millions of Americans are hitting the highway this summer for family vacations—and, for many of us, a family vacation wouldn’t be complete without our canine or feline companions.

It's not unusual for cats to dislike car rides--especially long ones! Your best bet is to transport them in a carrier, as you've mentioned. They may appreciate being together during what they will consider to be a stressful trip. As for the mesh carrier, your cats might do better if they can't see out so much. Less visual cues may be better in this situation. However, the breathable mesh is probably a more comfortable environment. You might try putting them both in the carrier together, then take them for a few 15-20 minute rides to get them acclimated to the carrier. This way, you can see how well they do in the carrier together before you embark on that 10 hour drive! I would also recommend that you consult with your veterinarian as he or she may be able to recommend a natural calming remedy or an anxiety reducing prescription solution for the kitties.

Did you know that 14 million dogs and 3 million cats travel annually with their owners to both local or international vacation destinations – the majority of them in automobiles – according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA)? Millions more travel in automobiles around town daily with their owners.