The Clean Sweep

At BISSELL®, we strive to make life easier for active families and pet parents, to give them the time and confidence to enjoy life in a clean home. The Clean Sweep is your online resource for home tips - whether you’re looking for the best ways to clean up life’s messes, expert pet tips, or general lifestyle and home organizing advice, we have it covered!

Why pets? It’s our love for pets that drives us to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save pets in need.
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One dog who’s a regular around here is Jem. While her dad, BISSELL Associate Colin, spends his day working as a Senior Industrial Designer, Jem spends hers getting attention from Colin’s fellow Associates.

Here at BISSELL® Headquarters, there are some dogs everyone knows because they’re here almost every day. Jay Gatsby is one of them. The 6-year-old German Shepherd mix goes by a few names besides his full name; a lot of people call him just Jay, Jay-Jay or Gatsby. His mom, BISSELL Associate Devyn adopted him back in 2013. Devyn says when she met Jay, he was pretty sick and needed a loving forever home as he worked to get back to full health, so that’s exactly what she gave him.

There’s nothing like a quick sweep of the vacuum to freshen a home. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference, much like changing or cleaning the filters in your vacuum.

Today is National Kissing Day! What does that mean? Time to let your dog lick your face and smooch their nose right back.

When it comes to being famous, sometimes it’s better to share the spotlight. These dynamic duos are a package deal when it comes to adorable pet pics. Get ready to hit the follow button…