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Summer is just around the corner and my dog, Chilly, and I can’t wait! Every year, we look forward to spending more time outside, whether it’s lounging on the patio or taking a stroll along the beach. My cats, Turtle and Olivia, also love the longer days and stake their claim to the best sun puddles in the house. Unfortunately, this sunny season also brings potentially serious health hazards for both felines and canines. But by taking just a few simple preventative measures, everyone can safely soak up the dog days of summer. Please note, pet owners should visit or call their veterinarian immediately if they have concerns about a pet’s condition. Additionally, I am not certified as a veterinarian so all of the tips below are based on my personal experience.

Pets are good for your health - it’s that simple. They make us feel better. So are pets the new fountain of youth, the newest weight-loss craze or a health gimmick? Could pets be the newest vitamin, supplement or prescription to improve your health and your quality of life?

I am probably not the best pet expert to ask about my opinion on feeding raw food diets to dogs. I personally subscribe to the philosophy that you should feed your dog (or cat) the best quality food you can reasonably afford. If that means a raw food diet for you, I say fine, just be sure you fully educate yourself with reputable resources on raw diets and discuss it with your veterinarian.

This is definitely a veterinary question, so I recommend you schedule an appointment as soon as possible to discuss what could be going on with your pup’s ears. Labradors are one of the breeds that are prone to ear infections. In severe cases, they can lose their hearing if it goes untreated for too long. Keep in mind, if there is odor, there is likely still an infection and your dog could be experiencing pain as well.

It should come as no surprise to pet lovers that our furry friends are dependent on us when it comes to wellness and health care. A word to the wise: You will be best prepared to keep your beloved friend in optimum health if you build a relationship with a trusted family veterinarian and keep up with regular wellness and medical exams, vaccines and preventative care.

As autumn gets underway, your family has probably settled into its back-to-school and back-to-business-as-usual routine. But how is your pet adjusting to the post-summer routine?

By now, most of us are thinking ahead to fall—cooler temperatures, autumn breezes and holidays around the corner. But it’s still hot and sticky outside for many of us, so don’t overlook the serious dangers that late summer heat can pose for your pets.

Feeding pets people food can pose problems. The most desirable leftovers from the table are high in fat and calories, but low in nutrition value for your pet. Too many scraps from the table can cause upset stomachs that can send you on a trip to the vet, or have you cleaning up a regurgitated mess on the floor!

Veterinary opinions differ a bit on the answer to this question. Eight weeks to six months of age seems to be the consensus as the ideal time to fix your pet. However, waiting too long can result in unwanted litters, and any animal shelter will tell you, even one litter is too many.