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At BISSELL®, we strive to make life easier for active families and pet parents, to give them the time and confidence to enjoy life in a clean home. The Clean Sweep is your online resource for home tips - whether you’re looking for the best ways to clean up life’s messes, expert pet tips, or general lifestyle and home organizing advice, we have it covered!

Why pets? It’s our love for pets that drives us to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save pets in need.
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16 Items

To say a lot of life happens on our floors doesn’t really begin to tell the story of how much our floors witness over the course of our lives. They are the foundation of our homes and the bedrock of our safe space. They get to see so many cute things, like babies learning to crawl and take their first steps, snoozing pups and playful kittens. They also get to see the not-so-cute things, like drool, shedding, mud, spills, accidents, and so much more. All of those memorable and not-so-memorable moments on our floors are exactly the reasons why keeping them clean is so important.

This may not be easy for you to hear, because it definitely wasn’t easy for us to write – deep cleaning in 2020 looks a little different than what you learned from mom all those years ago. Don’t get us wrong, we are in no way saying mom was mistaken. Her tried and true ‘deep clean every 6 months’ rule remains, but as people’s cleaning needs and routines continue to change, so do the cleaning ‘rules’.

Memorial Day cleaning is now on most of our minds, so we compiled our top Memorial Day cleaning tips. However, knowing that wasn’t enough for a complete summer cleaning guide, we tossed in our favorite general summer cleaning tips, too.

BISSELL’s carpet cleaning formulas are pet safe! It sounds like you already have a BISSELL carpet cleaner that you love, so now you just need to choose the cleaning formula best for the job. I’d recommend using the 2X Professional Odor Control Formula because it removes mold, mildew, pet or food stains and any strong odors, including pet odors. It is safe for all full size deep cleaners and most importantly, it’s “lick safe” for your papillon!

It should come as no surprise to you that I frequently talk about pets and clean up here in the BISSELL Pet Community! After all, pets cause messes, and BISSELL is all about clean. Plus, BISSELL is truly a pack of pet lovers (more than 70 percent of employees have pets)!

When the weather warms and spring rolls in, many of us get the urge to roll up our sleeves, don a pair of rubber gloves, grab the cleaning supplies and get to work cleaning those hard-to-reach places we ignore the rest of the year. The messes pet owners have to contend with come spring — shedding, muddy paw prints on furniture and ground-in dirt in carpets and rugs — require extra effort and to make every nook and cranny gleam.

First, it would be ideal to figure out if the dog or cat is the culprit. Modifying unwanted behavior takes on different forms for dogs and cats. I would suggest blocking the dog from access to the dining room for a week, or so. If a urine spot still appears, you can be pretty sure the cat is the culprit. If there is no urine spot, keep the kitty out of that room for a week. If the urine appears again, it’s probably the dog!

Rest assured, the cleaning solution for your ProHeat 2X Select Pet Deep Cleaner is what we call “paw friendly”. Bissell recommends that after you deep clean the area, be sure to let the carpet dry completely, then vacuum to remove any remaining residue before allowing your pets access to the area.

Sorry for the delay in answering your question—we had to speak to the BISSELL chemist on this icky clean up challenge! The stomach acid from your poor kitty’s vomit likely damaged the leather—and that is tough to fix. BISSELL recommends that you only use your leather cleaner on this stain. If it happens again, you can try using the leather cleaner to re-moisten and wipe away the vomit. You might also have the leather re-dyed to match (or closely match) the original color.

I’m sure you have big fur balls tumbling through your two-story home with wooden floors! I have good news—the perfect tools to eliminate those furry tumbleweeds.

It sounds like you have an adorable, furry bunch of felines! I’m sure the shedding does seem to get out of hand from time to time. But BISSELL has some great fur-eliminating solutions!

In today’s economy there is a lot of talk about bulls and, unfortunately, bears. So what kind of return can pet owners anticipate from their friends that bark, purr, hop, slither and scurry?