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Pets of BISSELL: Maggie

Pets of BISSELL: Maggie

BISSELL® Headquarters proudly provides a pet-friendly workplace for Associates. With our pet policy, we’re able to bring our furry friends to work with us, an enjoyable perk for the pet, its parent and Associates. One Associate who takes advantage of the pet perk is Gene, who works as an analyst and brings Maggie, his English Black Lab, to work with him often. When pet-parent pairs like Gene and Maggie come into work, they’re welcomed from the second they walk through the door. They’re greeted at the front desk with a full jar of treats, and depending on the route they take, they may pass a few more treat jars on the way to their desk. Once they get to his desk, Maggie makes herself comfortable right at Gene’s feet. You can find her there most of the day either snoozing or keeping watch of the walkway in front of her dad’s desk.

Just a few months ago, Maggie celebrated her fourth birthday. In the years she’s been part of Gene’s family, he’s learned a lot about her, but arguably the most important things he’s learned are that she’s lovable, quiet and cuddly. Gene also describes her as very timid. If you stop by his desk to visit, she’ll say hi, but don’t be surprised if she hides quickly after. The best way to win her over is by petting her – it’s the little things. A treat or two never hurts either! That’s why we have fully stocked treat jars throughout our building. It’s a simple gesture that helps strengthen the bond between Associates and their pets.

If Gene has to run off to a meeting during the day, his desk neighbors are more than willing to keep an eye on Maggie while he’s away. She’s pretty laid back when it comes to pet sitting anyway, considering how much she loves to nap. But, in the instances where Maggie is not napping, you can find her playing with her toys. Her favorites include a rawhide wrap and a stuffed rabbit. Like most dogs, Maggie is a sucker for a good walk. So, when it’s nice outside, Gene and Maggie will take a lap around the building at lunchtime. Lunch is one of the busier times for the walking path, especially for pets and their parents. The path and jars of treats are just a few of the pet perks we offer as part of our pet-friendly workplace.

There are so many pet families like Gene and Maggie who join us every day for work at BISSELL. They’re the reason we’re so passionate about pets. It’s clear to see they’re the inspiration for everything we do around here. It’s also why every purchase of a BISSELL product helps saves pets. BISSELL is proud to support BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets. When you buy a BISSELL product, you help save pets, too. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear.


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