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Pets of BISSELL: Jem

Pets of BISSELL: Jem

At BISSELL®, we’re proud pet parents, so it only makes sense that we bring our pets to work with us. On any workday you’ll definitely encounter a pack of pets at BISSELL Headquarters. Maybe you’ll catch one taking a stroll on our outdoor walking path. Maybe you’ll pass by another snoozing near a desk. Or maybe you can catch some pups playing in the BISSELL Pet Spot (more on that later). One dog who’s a regular around here is Jem. While her dad, BISSELL Associate Colin, spends his day working as a Senior Industrial Designer, Jem spends hers getting attention from Colin’s fellow Associates.

Colin adopted Jem into his family in the Summer of 2010, when she was just a few years old. Since then, he’s learned a lot about the Australian Labradoodle. Colin uses three words to describe his fur child: unique, elegant and social. Jem is unique in so many ways, including how she looks. Her beautiful brown fur is long on her ears and on her legs, making it look like she’s wearing boots. Jem has an elegance about her, too. The way she sits on top of a chair in Colin’s office makes her look like the queen of the castle, and when she runs, the long fur on her legs blows in the wind. She’s social and loves any and all playing time she gets.


Like many of the pets at BISSELL, Jem’s backstory is a unique one. Colin says she was in training for Paws With A Cause®, a national non-profit, to become a service dog for people with disabilities. While she didn’t make it through the entire program, she did make it into Colin’s home. Now, almost ten years later, Jem is very much part of his family.

Stories like Jem and Colin’s are the reason BISSELL is a pet-friendly workplace. We know how much people love their pets, and we love them, too! When Associates bring their pets to BISSELL, they have the choice of keeping their dog at their desk or reserving the BISSELL Pet Spot - an area built with pet parents in mind. The BISSELL Pet Spot has room for Associates and their pets to work remotely. It’s always fully stocked with treats and has kennels with doors leading to a grassy and fenced-in area, a large dog bath and a place to hold meetings, so Associates don’t have to leave their pets.

Fur families like Colin’s are also the reason BISSELL is proud to support BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to find every homeless pet a forever home. When you buy BISSELL product, your purchase helps save pets. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear. We’re also proud to provide Associates a pet-friendly workplace. There’s just something about seeing a dog trotting into the office or relaxing next to someone’s desk as you head to a meeting that makes the day a little brighter.

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