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Our dogs (all three of them) all have long hair! So, that means every time we go outside in the winter, their hair collects and drags everything back in. I’m talking dirt dripping from their bellies, wet paws and melted snow everywhere. But we don’t let this stop us from heading out to have fun, especially because getting outside is so important these days. Instead, I just make sure that I clean them off really well before we go back inside the house.

Every holiday shopping season, the world takes a break from browsing, scrolling and buying to give back during Giving Tuesday. This year, the global day of giving falls on Tuesday, December 1. Giving Tuesday started with a simple idea – every act of generosity, however big or small, counts.

Our favorite month of the year is here! There are so many things we love about October, but hands down the best part is that it’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Adopting pets from shelters is something we at BISSELL and our friends at BISSELL Pet Foundation® (BPF) are passionate about.

Whether you call them mutts, mixed breeds, Heinz 57s or some other moniker, who doesn’t love a canine cocktail? It’s no wonder that we have a special day to celebrate them: National Mutt Day, which falls on July 31 this year.

The time surrounding Fourth of July can be stressful for pets. Fireworks start going off every night on the days leading up to and after the big holiday. If you put yourself in your pet’s paws, can you blame them for being scared?

Dogs face weather-related risks in any season. One of the biggest risks dog owners face in the summer months is heatstroke. I call it one of the biggest because if you are not aware of it in time, it can be life-threatening for your dog.

June is both the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and the American Humane Association’s Adopt a Cat Month. That makes it a very special month for cats. At BISSELL and Fear Free, we have a soft spot for shelter kitties, and we want to help them find homes. Here are 12 tips for finding just the right one to join your family and how to ensure a happy homecoming.

Loving on a new pup is mandatory, sure, but it’s also important to provide him with a structured environment from day one. Setting clear expectations is key to successfully integrating any dog into your family. Here are nine tips to set him up for success.

As people around the world navigate the changing climate around COVID-19, we’re learning more about how the virus can affect pets.

So much has changed in the last few weeks, and we know things will continue to change every day, but one thing that will never falter is the joy pets bring to our lives. These are times unlike any other, and it didn’t take long into self-quarantine for us to realize that the pets we once rescued are now rescuing us.

We believe pets deserve to feel special all the time, and lucky for them, it’s about to get even more special for our furry friends! April 11 marks National Pet Day – which for us is any day that ends in “y”. And while National Pet Day is all about our four-legged family members, we wanted to take some time to recognize the hard work of you, the pet parents, and give you something that will make caring for your pet (and their messes) easy.

A favorite perk for some Associates at BISSELL Headquarters is the fact that we are a pet-friendly workplace. That means on any given day you can walk the halls and encounter nearly a dozen dogs working alongside their parents. One dog Associates often have the pleasure of seeing during the work day is Moose. Just last month, the rescued English Springer Spaniel celebrated his sixth birthday!