What Is Your Opinion On Feeding All Raw Dog Food To Dogs?

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May 2016 guest blog article

Kristen Levine, pet living expert

I am probably not the best pet expert to ask about my opinion on feeding raw food diets to dogs. I personally subscribe to the philosophy that you should feed your dog (or cat) the best quality food you can reasonably afford. If that means a raw food diet for you, I say fine, just be sure you fully educate yourself with reputable resources on raw diets and discuss it with your veterinarian.

For me, “the best food” means that I feed Chilly premium brand foods, both canned and dry, that I purchase at pet specialty stores. I generally base my decision on the first few ingredients. I want the first ingredient to be chicken, beef or fish. I want the remaining ingredients to be devoid of fillers and meat or bone meals, chemicals or additives.

If you are interested in feeding your pet a raw diet, I suggest you read The Raw Debate in a recent issue of Modern Dog magazine. I also believe it is important to experiment a bit within your chosen food category, to see what your pet likes best.

Good luck!

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