Skip a Trip to the Groomer with these 4 Must-Have Pet Care Products

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We know a lot of people associate BISSELL with vacuums and pets – but what they may not know is we don’t just make products to clean up after pets, we also make products to clean pets! Just as we are always adding the latest innovations to our cleaning products, we have recently done the same for our line of pet care products!

Kids and Dogs

We’ve introduced many new products to the line in the last year, so it’s a great time to show you what’s new and some of our favorites. Our round up of must-have pet care products comes at an interesting time. After recent stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices, chances are you’ve been spending a lot more time with your furry friend. You were also likely forced to change or cancel your pet’s grooming appointments with many pet salons closing temporarily. Even though groomers are starting to open back up, maybe COVID-19 opened your eyes to the fact that you can (and sometimes need to) give your dog a proper grooming from the comfort of your home. And if this wasn’t enough to change your mind, maybe some of these products will!

Kids and Dogs

1. Pet Nail Grinder

When dog groomers had to close up shop this spring, one of the first things that came to mind for pet parents was how am I going to get my dog’s nails clipped? Cutting dogs’ nails can be difficult and scary! In fact, some people say it’s nearly as stressful as cutting a child’s fingernails. Which is why so many people trust the groomer to take care of the tricky task. Luckily, our cordless Pet Nail Grinder is a convenient and easy at-home alternative to have. It works on dogs and cats, plus it has two grinding areas, so it works on animals with large or small nails. It also operates with a low vibration and low noise, which is a feature some pet parents say comforts their otherwise skittish pet.

“Clipping nails used to give me the sweats, which made my little guy nervous too, but this [grinder] was a breeze.”

- Michelle, 5-star review*
*Review from as of 5/27/20. This review was submitted as part of a sweepstakes entry.

Kids and Dogs

2. BARKBATH Dual Use

Our BARKBATH portable dog grooming products have been popular since we first introduced them a few years ago, but our newest model, BARKBATH Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System is our most popular yet – and for a good reason! It features two ways to use it – 1) you can bathe your dog with it or 2) use it as a portable carpet and upholstery cleaner to clean up after your furry friend. It brings the groomer to you by letting you bathe your dog anywhere in the house with virtually no mess, plus it’s quiet!

“This device is MORE than I could have wished for. It was easy to operate, the dog was not afraid and left very little mess. The outcome was dog grooming salon worthy!”

- Wilma, 5-star review*
*Review from as of 5/27/20.

Kids and Dogs

3. Pet Spray Deodorant

As pet parents ourselves, we know there are times when our pets are dirty but may not be dirty enough to warrant a full bath. That’s when our shea butter-scented Pet Spray Deodorant comes in handy. A few quick sprays on your dog or cat’s coat offers a nice spritz and refresh to keep your pets smelling and looking good in between baths. It’s like dry shampoo for dogs!

“My dog goes in and out of the house and recently it rained, and the dog had that wet dog smell. [Didn’t] have time to wash her, so this came in very handy. Easy to apply and brush through. Leaves our dog smelling great and clean.”

- Slinky, 5-star review*
*Review from as of 5/27/20. This reviewer was given a free sample in exchange for an honest review.

4. Gentle Massage & DeShedding Curry Brush

No at-home grooming kit is complete without a sturdy brush. Our Gentle Massage & DeShedding Curry Brush is perfect for pets with short to medium coats. We designed it with a bamboo handle and soft silicone bristles to massage and remove fur with every pass.

“My dogs love this brush!! I have 3 dogs 2 short haired and one long haired and it works great for all of them! My boxer gets so excited when she sees it. It must feel like a massage and it does a great job of getting the extra hair off of her to help with shedding!!”

- Kmm0318, 5-star review*
*Review from as of 5/27/20. This reviewer was given a free sample in exchange for an honest review.

Giving your dog a salon-style grooming session is a whole lot easier with the four products showcased above. And our help doesn’t stop with these products; you can check out our full lineup of pet care products