Pets to Follow: Instagram Stars

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Can you believe how many followers our four-legged friends have on Instagram? Everyone needs an extra dose of cute in their lives from time-to-time and these furry faces provide plenty of entertainment. So, put down that vacuum, put your feet up and scross through a few of our favorite feeds!


Be Fit: @charliehastwomoms

#ToungeOutTuesday is perhaps best represented by golden retriever sibling duo Charlie and Elliot. Whether it's playing fetch with their moms, swimming or chasing their tails, we could all follow these guys' examples when it comes to getting outside (or the gym) and moving more often. Ready, set, pant!

Be Charitable: @coleandmarmalade

Cole and Marmalade are a super cute pair of cats, but they use their Insta-fame to promote a bigger cause. Since the BISSELL Pet Foundation advocates for spaying, neutering and adoption, we love following these passionate pets on Instagram. Add them to your feed for your daily reminder to contribute to a cause special to you.

Love Yourself: @leila_the_bullboxer

Leila the Bullboxer lives with her brothers in Chicago - one of whom is the infamous Manny the Frenchie. Instead of living in her bro's shadow, she's learned to command just as much attention, not to mention the best spot on the couch, with her sassy personality. Leila can teach us a lot about being our own person (or dog) and loving ourselves throughout the year.

Take It All In: @clayton_farlow_the_bulldog

Life goes fast, so why not cherish every moment like Clayton Farlow the Bulldog? Between taking trips to the cabin in Northern Minnesota and tearing up the Twin Cities, this pup is always up for an adventure in the woods with his humans. It's time to breathe in the fresh air, jump over some logs and take life as it comes.

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