Pets of BISSELL: Shiloh

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It’s hard to tell who benefits more from the pet-friendly workplace policy at BISSELL, our pets or us. There are so many benefits for humans when it comes to having pets in the office, but if you asked BISSELL Associate Carolyn, she’d argue a lot of pets benefit more than their humans.

Kids and Dogs

That’s the case for her Shepherd Mix, Shiloh. Carolyn rescued Shiloh four years ago, and being able to go to work with her mom has done a lot for the shy dog. Shiloh is one of the many pets we consider a regular in the halls of BISSELL. Carolyn says Shiloh, like many dogs, gets excited when she knows they’re going for a car ride, and that’s because she knows it almost always means she gets to go to work!

Everyone who crosses Shiloh’s path knows she is pretty shy, but they also know once she feels comfortable, she’ll come out of her shell. Carolyn has seen a big difference since Shiloh started coming to the office with her four years ago, and Carolyn loves having Shiloh by her side while she’s working. There’s just something special about being able to hang out with your dog while at work. Shiloh loves to spend the day at Carolyn’s desk, taking the occasional nap (or three) and going for walks during breaks. The two of them take advantage of the patio and outside working space whenever it’s nice outside. The patio leads to a walking path around campus, which is another favorite for BISSELL pets and their parents.

Kids and Dogs

Shiloh is quite the socialite at BISSELL these days. When she’s not spending time with her mom and co-workers, she’s visiting her own furry friends, like Henry Huggins. When pets make pet friends at BISSELL, they have the option of booking a day in the BISSELL Pet Spot together. Any pet parent can reserve the room, and it gives the pet (or pets) the option of having a little more space to roam around freely and play throughout the day. It also has three remote workstations, so up to three Associates and their pets can spend the day in there together. The Pet Spot also has three roomy kennels with direct access to a fenced in, grassy area, a big dog bath and an endless supply of treats, which lucky for pets like Shiloh, are easy to come by at BISSELL. You can also find a jar of treats at our front desk, in dog-friendly meeting rooms and even the barista in Café 1876 (the year our company was founded) is known to keep a few treats hidden for whenever she gets a four-legged customer.

Pets like Shiloh are the reason behind everything we do at BISSELL® and why every purchase of a BISSELL® product helps save pets. BISSELL® proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets. When you buy a BISSELL® product, you help save pets just like Shiloh. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear.