Pets of BISSELL: Poppy

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At BISSELL, pets are part of the family. One furry family member that is familiar to a lot of Associates here at BISSELL Headquarters is Poppy, a three-year-old Mountain Cur Husky Mix. Her mom, Kaitlyn, works as a Graphic Designer at BISSELL and takes advantage of our pet-friendly workplace policy. This policy allows Kaitlyn, and all Associates, to bring their dogs to work every day.

Kids and Dogs

Poppy is one of those furry coworkers you see in the halls who is hard to forget thanks to her captivating, different colored eyes, one blue and one brown. But that’s not the only special thing about Poppy. She has been coming to work with her mom since she was a young pup, so Kaitlyn’s fellow Associates have watched her grow up. They remember Poppy’s first day and how timid she would act. Lucky for everyone, Poppy was quick to warm up, and now that she’s comfortable, treats like peanut butter help her grow accustomed to new faces even faster.

Whenever Poppy’s at the office and there is not any peanut butter nearby, there are plenty of traditional treats around for Associates to give to her. Dog treats are pretty easy to come by at our headquarters. There’s a large jar sitting on the receptionist’s desk as soon as you arrive. Each good boy and girl that comes in knows to stop and wait patiently, because the Associate at the front desk always hands out treats! And there are more treats to be found throughout our building, including in every dog-friendly meeting room. These designated dog-friendly rooms also have special pet cleanup kits packed with BISSELL products to clean up any messes that may happen when a four-legged intern attends a meeting.

Kids and Dogs

One place where Poppy loves to hang out at when she’s at BISSELL is the Pet Spot – and we don’t blame her! The space is a pet, and pet parent’s, dream! It has three work stations where Associates can plug in for the day and work in a space that’s comfortable for both them and their pet. The Pet Spot also has a meeting table, three kennels with direct access to a private, fenced in patch of grass, a dog bath, and of course, more treats. Pet parents at BISSELL also have the option to bring their dog to their desk, and Poppy likes that too. In fact, Kaitlyn says her desk is one of Poppy’s favorite spots. Regardless of where she’s set up for the day, Poppy just loves to be right next to her mom.

Pets like Poppy are the reason behind everything we do at BISSELL® and why every purchase of a BISSELL® product helps save pets. BISSELL® proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets. When you buy a BISSELL® product, you help save pets just like Poppy. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear.