Overcome the Spring Shedding Blues!

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It’s spring, and thoughts of pet owners are turning to, well, not love, but hair—shedding hair.

Show Your Vacuum Cleaner Some Love

Longer days with more light signal dogs, cats, and other animals to drop that heavy winter coat so a lighter summer coat can grow in. That means hair, hair everywhere. We’ve gathered some tips to help you get the hair off the dog, and cat, without having so much of it land on clothes, carpets, and furniture during the spring shedding season.

Show Your Vacuum Cleaner Some Love

Brush daily to remove dead hair. When you do, loose hairs go into the brush or comb, not onto the floor. A grooming glove - a nubbly mitt that fits over your hand—is a great way to brush your dog or cat and pet him at the same time. Other fur-removal tools that may help, depending on the type of coat, are wire slicker and de-shedding brushes. Be careful not to remove so much hair that your dog doesn’t have any skin protection. If the pleasure of being brushed isn’t enough for your pet, make grooming time something to look forward to by offering some tiny treats throughout the session.

Bathe your dog weekly. A warm bath with a shampoo made for dogs helps to loosen dead hair. After shampooing and thoroughly rinsing, apply a pet-appropriate conditioner, rinse thoroughly again, and then blow dry your dog completely using a cool or low setting. If you don’t get the dog dry all the way down to the skin, you won’t get out as much loose hair and undercoat. (If you have a kitten, you can start accustoming her to baths now, but for an older cat you may wish to stick to regular brushing, which she’ll enjoy for the massage factor.)

Show Your Vacuum Cleaner Some Love

You may also want to consider a portable bath option. BISSELL offers an at-home bathing machine – the BARKBATH Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System essentially brings the groomer to you.

“My dog is too hard to get in the tub so this is great.” – Laura 2275,

5-star review* *Review from BISSELL.com as of 3/26/2020.

You can also vacuum your dog! BISSELL has the Pet ShedAway® Tool, which attaches to your vacuum hose and gently removes loose hair from the body (don’t use it on the face, ears, or tail). You might be surprised to see that your pet enjoys the sensation. Just be sure to accustom her to it gradually so she's not frightened by the approach or noise.

And of course a good vacuum cleaner, like the ICONpet Cordless Vacuum, is an invaluable tool in the fight against shedding hair.

“I have two big dogs that shed like crazy and are in and out of their doggy doors to the outside all day. This is the perfect vacuum for a quick clean.” – Nathanial

5-star review* *Review from BISSELL.com as of 3/26/2020.

Combine it with the above tips and shedding season will fly by without leaving you feeling like you’ve been hit by a furricane!

About Kim: Kim Campbell Thornton is content manager for Fear Free Pets and is a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Professional. She has been writing about dogs, cats, wildlife, and marine life since 1985 and is a recipient of multiple awards from the Cat Writers Association, Dog Writers Association of America, and American Society of Journalists and Authors. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s competing in nose work trials with Harper and Keeper, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.