How to Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors

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For some of us (Michigan, raise your hand), we have had a very long and very cold winter.  Most of our pets have not gotten outside much in the last couple of months and everyone is starting to go a little stir crazy. We decided to do some research on how to entertain cats and dogs who are spending a lot of time indoors this winter! See below for some ideas we found to help your pets stay busy.

Pet Puzzles

Pet puzzles are a great way to stimulate your pet’s brain and strengthen their skills. Dogs love to learn new tricks (never mind the old saying). And they have a lot of fun trying to get treats out of toys and puzzles. Cats are natural predators and like to work for their food. Having a fun puzzle to stimulate them can reduce behavioral problems. Here are some of our favorites.

Background Noise

When your pets spend a good portion of the day at home alone, leave a TV on for them (some animals will actually watch it). Animal Planet is a great option with lots of animal noises to pique their interest!  Otherwise a radio will do the trick, too.  Noise will help them feel less lonely. 

Long Lasting Treats

Make sure your dog has something to chew throughout the day.Busy BonesRawhides, and Everlasting Bento Ballsare just a few ideas. Not only will this occupy your dog, but hopefully it will distract them from chewing on other things around your home. 

Outside View

Do your pets have access to a window in your home so they can check out what’s happening in the neighborhood? Whether your home or not, it’s fun for your furry friends to have a view of the animals and birds outside. Or if its freezing cold, to watch the snow and deer in the yard. Cats especially may like to have a window seat or perch to lay in the sunshine and stalk any wildlife that they can see.


If things have gotten really bad around your house and everyone, pets included, are starting to go bonkers, doggie daycare is a great outlet for dogs to get their energy out. They can get out of your house and run around and play all day with friends.

Extra love and attention, fun toys and treats, and just being aware that your pet may be feeling cooped up are all great steps to helping stimulate and entertaining your furry friends.  Do what you can to help them stay busy!