Change A Pet's Life Day

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Did you know that Change A Pet’s Life day is January 24th? We’ll be honest, we didn’t either. But since it is, we’re calling it out to recognize the needs of homeless pets. There are millions of pets who enter animal shelters nationwide every year and we support BISSELL Pet Foundation(BPF) in their mission to find every pet a home. BPF is committed to ending pet homelessness and finding a loving home for every pet. It’s a big goal, but you can help us make it happen.

BISSELL Pet Foundation supports programs and initiatives that are focused on addressing the pet overpopulation crisis in our country. BISSELL is committed to donating up to $1,000,000 each year to BPF but wants to surpass that goal. BISSELL will donate up to $10 for each pet product purchased to BPF to help find every pet a home. Buy BISSELL, save pets.

BISSELL Pet Foundation Facts

  • Four pillars: adoption, spay & neuter, emergencies, micro-chipping
  • Over 3,900 partner shelters in all 50 states
  • Their work in action in 2018 (from Impact Report page 3)
  • Empty the Shelters: Free adoption days where BPF pays all the adoption fees to encourage prospective pet owners to choose adoption first.
  • 100% of donations go directly to making a difference for pets

How you can help

  • Every donor, every dollar and every day counts. 100% of your contribution to BISSELL Pet Foundation goes directly to shelters and rescues to support their mission.
  • Donate here

Help change a pet's life today!