Celebrate Your Pet on National Pet Day

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National Pet Day rolls around once a year on April 11. And while most of us spoil our pets 365 days a year, it’s nice to have a reminder that one day in particular should be all about them.  Check out our ideas for some fun ways to celebrate your loyal companion.

  • Give your pup some extra exercise. It is so important for dogs to get their energy out. Take them to a dog park, play fetch in your backyard, or take them on an extra-long walk. If you need help finding a dog park where you live check out this site. When dogs are able to run and get their energy out they are much better behaved at home.You could spoil your dog by buying them a new leash from BISSELL Pet Foundation. Part of your payment will be donated to help homeless animals in need.
  • Give your pet a special treat. Buy something at your local pet supplies store that you normally wouldn’t get for your furry friend.They will be thrilled to have something new.It’s also super easy to make your own healthy snacks for your dog or cat.Here are some fun examples of DIY cat treats that you can try. *Please consult your vet for dietary restrictions before giving your pet a homemade treat. 

  • What about a new chew toy or scratch toy for your dog or cat? Pet supply stores carry lots of fun toys that keep your pet busy and stimulate their mind, which is very important. Dogs especially love to learn new tricks. If you don’t want to go to the store, here are some easy toys you can make at home.

Whatever you decide to do for your fur family member, lots of snuggles and kisses will make them just as happy as anything else. Happy National Pet Day to all our Pet Parents out there!