At what Age should My Pet be "Fixed"?

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May 2016 guest blog article

Kristen Levine, pet living expert

Veterinary opinions differ a bit on the answer to this question. Eight weeks to six months of age seems to be the consensus as the ideal time to fix your pet. However, waiting too long can result in unwanted litters, and any animal shelter will tell you, even one litter is too many.

Wendy C. Brooks, educational director for, believes in the sooner the better—even at 8 weeks of age.

"The last 20 years has brought us a great deal of research into "early" spaying and we now know that there is no problem with spaying as early as 8 weeks of age," explains Brooks. She goes on to add that the pet should weigh at least 3.5-4 pounds prior to being fixed.

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