Make the Most of Prime Day Shopping with These Tips

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Amazon Prime Day is almost here! If you’re a seasoned Prime member, you know this huge, online sale normally takes place in the middle of summer. While waiting is always the hardest part for anything, after a few months delay, we’re hopeful this year’s Prime Day will be worth the wait. The two-day online extravaganza of the internet’s best deals starts on October 13, and with fall already so clearly in the air, this sale will likely mark the unofficial start to holiday shopping this year.

Make the Most of Prime Day Shopping with These Tips

In the spirit of being prepared, we put together a few things to do ahead of your Prime Day shopping to help you get the best deals.

1. Make a List

Each week, before you go grocery shopping, you make a list of what you need, so why not do the same for a big online shopping event like Amazon Prime Day? It’s no secret, Amazon has most everything you need, all in one spot. And even though not everything they offer will be discounted, Prime Day is a good time to check prices for things on that wish list – especially for items that have been on there for awhile but you may have hesitated to buy.

Once you have a list of items to look for, start to organize your list. Separate it out by making a column of wants and a column of needs. This helps visualize what’s necessary or needed versus what would just be nice to have. It’s also a good idea to include a list of potential holiday gifts you plan to purchase. The holidays will be here before you know it, so Prime Day will be a good time to see if there are any deals on gifts you are planning to buy.

A fun trick we’ve picked up on in our years of online shopping is to keep our shopping lists as a note on our phone. This way you can add a direct link to the product page in the note itself (which will also come in handy for our next tip). Your phone is also just a convenient place since it’s most likely always by you, especially when random items pops into your head.

2. Make Routine Checkups

Once you have your list created and organized use it to check on price changes in the days leading up to the sale. Amazon has deals for some products advertised as early as two weeks before the official start of the event. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what other flash deals they may announce in the days leading up to Prime day. So, if there’s something you really want, check the product page every so often to see if it’s included in one of the earlier sales. This is where those direct links on your notes app will come in handy.

You can also check to see if the items you’re shopping for are on sale anywhere else. Amazon Prime Day gets a lot of attention, so in the last few years, other major retailers have started holding sales to compete. In some cases, other online retailers are able to offer the same or even better deals. It’s the competition that definitely benefits shoppers like you!

3. Shop Small in a Big Way

This year has been especially hard for small businesses, so for Prime Day 2020, Amazon is encouraging members to shop small businesses. In the two weeks leading up to the sale, Amazon is giving shoppers who spend $10 on select U.S. based small businesses a $10 reward to spend on Prime Day. You’ll notice a link to shop small businesses right on the homepage of Amazon. There you’ll find all different categories of small businesses, including a whole section of pet supply shops, which we of course love. The jewelry, toys and handmade categories are also a good place to look for holiday gift inspiration. Once you make your purchase, Amazon will email you details on claiming your $10 credit to use on the big day.

Remember, you must be a Prime member to participate in the sale on Amazon. Prime Day 2020 officially starts October 13 at midnight PST. Happy shopping!