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How to Remove Summer Stains

How to Remove Summer Stains

With summer comes lots of parties and with parties come a lot of messes. The BISSELL Oxy Stain Destroyer can be a lifesaver during the summer. It’s a stain remover that starts working on contact and penetrates all the way down the carpet to the backer to remove the whole stain. Whether you spill Barbeque sauce, have a popsicle obstacle or a sangria spill, don’t panic. Here is the best solution to remove your stains and save your carpet!

  1. Wipe up as much as you can with paper towel
  2. Spray Oxy Stain Destroyer generously over the entire area
  3. Blot the stained area
  4. Repeat spray and wait a few minutes
  5. Repeat blotting
  6. You’re all Set

As always, we are here if you need us! Happy summer.

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