Stress Less this Holiday Season: 4 Expert Travel Tips

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Traveling during the holidays can be a blessing and a curse. Whether you are planning to take a getaway or visit family and friends nearby, hiccups are to be expected. This year, I intend to do a bit of both. I’m spending Christmas with my family in Northern Michigan, which is a short road trip and then we travel to Florida to ring in the New Year. I stay very organized when I travel, and I have some helpful tips to share with you to mitigate any issues that could arise.

1. Be Flexible.

  I know it’s easier said than done. But if you can, avoid traveling on major travel days.  I always try to leave a day or two before or after to avoid lots of traffic, expensive  airplane tickets and crowds of people.  When looking for flights, I love using Google flights* because you can see prices on all the different days around the time you want to fly. I think it’s very convenient, but of course there are other options out there.

2. Be Organized.

  I cannot stress this enough. If you start to pack and prepare early you will be ready to go when the time comes. The best thing I do is make a packing list and every time I  think of what I need to pack, add it to the list. In fact, I have a permanent list in the Notes App on my phone that I always reference. I list out each child and sometimes  myself, everyone’s needs, and as I put items in the suitcase from the list, I cross them out.

3. Be Prepared.

  If you're traveling far and/or for a long time, try shipping some of your belongings. You won’t have to bother with last minute packing, hassling through the airport with tons  of luggage or losing a bag along the way. If you are traveling with kids, rent items at your destination, like strollers, cribs and highchairs. Don’t forget if you’re flying to  always pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on in case luggage gets lost or there is an accident on the plane.

4. Stay Healthy.

  There are not enough sanitizing wipes in the world to make me feel clean before, during and after traveling. If you’re anything like me, and you wipe down the entire area  around your seat on an airplane and compulsively sanitize your hands, then you have to try our GERM FREAK® Kit.  It comes with everything you could possibly need  while traveling. My favorites include a toilet seat cover, BISSELL Spot + Sanitize spray and a head rest cover! The basics are also in there, like hand sanitizer and wipes.   Take it with you wherever you go, making sure you are cautious and protecting yourself and your family while traveling during the holidays. 

I hope some of these tips were helpful for your next holiday getaway.  Wishing you happy holidays and a happy New Year.

Alissandra Bissell offers expert tips on topics, like cleaning, home organizing and general lifestyle. As a fifth generation Bissell, she has grown up in the floorcare industry and has a passion for all things clean. With three kids and three dogs she offers helpful tips so that busy families and pet parents can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life’s everyday moments.

*View expressed in this recommendation are my own, not an endorsement.