Pre-Season Prepare: Game Day Prep

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It’s almost that time of year again. A coveted “season” for a lot of loyal fans, who find themselves parked in front of their TVs all day Sundays! It’s football season and it gives “Sunday Funday” a whole new meaning!  A season all on its own, where beer is consumed, chips and dips are plentiful, and shouting at the TV is a must.  With the end of Summer in sight and Fall approaching, it can be a very hectic time of year. Back to school is in full swing and extra-curricular activities resume.  We want to help you prepare so that you can sit back and enjoy those football Sundays.

Meal Prep

Plan your dinners ahead of time and make one weekly shopping trip to buy all the necessities.  Pull out that slow cooker and let food cook all day so that you don’t have to rush to get it made in the evening.  Also make sure you add a fun weekly “game” meal for Sundays that your whole family will love.  Don’t have any ideas, well this blog has tons of recipes!

House Prep

Typically do your cleaning on Sundays? Well not this fall.  Spread your cleaning out over the week so that you can relax and cheer on your favorite team or tailgate at the big game. Here are some great printable cleaning schedules that will guide you through the week.  And if you’re out on Sundays, let the SmartClean robot cleanup for you so that your house will be dust free when you get home.

Party Prep

Do you love to host everyone to watch the game?  Are you looking for some fun new game-day ways to make your house festive?  Check out these cool football themed mason jars that serve as utensil holders. If you’re one that loves to bake on game-day, chocolate dip pretzels in your team’s colors or use colorful frosting to decorate cupcakes. This is the best chart to help you!

We hope that whether you’re a football lover or not, Sundays around your home are fun and filled with good food and better TV! After all, isn’t that what Fall is for?