How to Use a Home Management Binder to Keep your House in Order

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It takes a lot to run a household. We don’t have to tell you twice. Not only do you have to manage your personal schedule, but there’s also kids, spouses and pets that count on you each week. From work to planning dinners each week to carting the kiddos to appointments and practices, things can get hectic, fast. There are so many tips and tricks to make running things a little more smooth, including a home management binder. If you’re not familiar, a family home management binder is exactly what it sounds like, a home binder organized into different sections to help you manage, or run, your household all while staying sane.

In this guide, we’ll explain what to put in a family binder and detail some of the home management binder categories that are most useful. We recognize every family is different, and the categories that work for one family may not necessarily work for another, and that’s okay. Hopefully these tips spark some inspiration as you work to organize in a way that’s right for your home and family, whether it be through household organizers, planners or home management notebooks.

First Things First

The first thing that goes into creating a home organization binder is making sure you have all the supplies you need. This is a chance to get creative with how you organize and make your binder your own, so go for it. Some of the things you may need to start this project include:

  • 3-ring binder
  • Dividers
  • Label maker
  • Markers/colored pencils/gel pens – whatever writing device you prefer
  • Zipper pouch for writing devices
  • Sticky notes
  • Paper clips

Once you’ve got the supplies you need, it’s time to decide what categories you’d like to use to divide your household binder. Again, these are just some of our suggestions to help you organize yours, so feel free to mix and match and use the sections that work for you!


This section can act as a planner in your home management system binder. We’ve found it’s easy to organize it by month and week. Use the month view to put bigger events like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and other things that don’t necessarily happen every month. The weekly view is better to use for weekday planning, like when the kids have basketball practice or dentist appointments.


This tab is one of our favorites, for obvious reasons. We have so many helpful tips and products to make cleaning your home easier, like our guide on creating a home cleaning schedule that lists chores you should be doing on certain days. Use it to fill out your weekly cleaning tasks, and use guides like our home deep cleaning guide and spring cleaning guide to inspire those bigger tasks to tackle every few weeks. Entering them in this tab of your binder is a great way to keep track of what you’ve already done and what still needs to be accomplished.

Emergency Information

You likely have emergency information in your phone, but technology can be unpredictable. Which is why we suggest writing down important numbers like your spouse’s, the doctor’s office, grandparents, the babysitter, fire and police departments, EMS, next-door neighbors, insurance agents, vets, locksmiths, and anyone else you can think of that is necessary to have during, or in case of, an emergency.

Other Helpful Information

  • Use a finance section to keep track of billing information including hard copies of bills, receipts you’re not ready to toss, and any financial goals you may have set for the year.
  • Use a meal planning section to plan out what’s for dinner and school lunches for the week. You can also keep a working grocery list in this section so your family can see what you’re planning to buy and add their suggestions to it.
  • A home wish list section can be used to keep a list of projects (big or small) you want to accomplish, and any design inspiration or DIY projects you find in magazines or newspapers.

Once your home management binder is filled, plan on updating it at least once a week. We love taking some time on Sunday afternoons to grab a cup of tea and sit at the dining room table with our binders open. This way we can visualize and make note of what we have coming up for the week and month. It also helps us go into a new week feeling confident and prepared. When you’re done updating your binder be sure to leave it on the counter, or somewhere central in your home, so everyone can flip through it and see what’s on the agenda for the family home.