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Fall is on the Way

Fall is on the Way

Summer is winding down and school is starting. That means that fall is coming, whether we are ready for it or not. Pretty soon we’ll be talking about all things pumpkin spice and trying to decide how soon is too soon to pick out cute Halloween costumes for kids.

Carpet cleaning might not be top of your list but cleaning carpets during the season change is a great idea to keep your house looking great heading into fall. Think of all the things you’ve done and places you’ve gone over the summer. Then think of all that has come back home with you on the bottom of your shoes. Gross. Carpet cleaning gets rid of all the dirt, sand and grime that has come into your home over the summer.

Here are our top three tips on cleaning carpets this fall:

  1. Pre-treat. This doesn’t add a ton of time, we promise. Before you fill the water tank on your carpet cleaner, spray the carpet with a pre-treat product. It will start working as you finish getting your carpet cleaner ready for action.
  2. Use the best cleaning formula for your carpet. There are so many options for carpet cleaning formulas out there, it can be confusing. Here are a few of our picks:
  3. If the carpet is really stained, considering rinsing it. Clean the whole room as you would normally. Then when you are done, go back over the carpet with just warm water in the tank. You will be surprised how much MORE dirt comes out.
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