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When do you spay or neuter a dog or cat? For years, you’ve probably heard that the best age for this reproductive surgery is six months, but times change. Veterinary experts and pet owners are taking a closer look at when it should occur. And the answer isn’t what you might think.

Getting your house clean for the Holidays can seem like an overwhelming task. And it can feel like a waste of time. You get it all clean so that a day later it can be destroyed by guests. Don’t let cleaning the house (before and after the parties) ruin your Holiday spirit. Here are some tips to tackle the mess and keep it clean this Holiday season.

Are you ready for holiday guests this season? It’s okay if the answer is no, we are still getting into the swing of the season too. As we start to think about the parties to come with our own families, we came up with this list of how to get ready for Thanksgiving. We hope it helps you start to plan too!