Why We Love Holiday Cleaning Checklists

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Many people say their holidays are incomplete without things like decorations, snow on the ground, cookies, gifts, music, and so much more. But if you ask us, the one thing that completes our holidays is our beloved holiday cleaning checklist. We know for a lot of people, cleaning is their least favorite thing about this season, but hear us out, because we just may change your mind. In fact, we’re so passionate about the magic of this list that we made it into a printable PDF and wrote down all the reasons we love it here – just consider it our early Christmas present to you.

It’s the ultimate organization tool.

The list of things that need to get done during the holidays can seem endless. It’s overwhelming, so a checklist like ours helps you keep all the household cleaning tasks organized. Having a written list of what you need to do frees up precious space in your mind, and we all could use a little more of that, especially during this busy season when everything is going a mile a minute.

It provides structure.

Schedules can get crazy quickly during the holidays. That’s why we love having a concrete list of things we need to accomplish; it helps give these busy days some structure. You’ll notice we organized this particular cleaning checklist by room, so you can do just one room per day, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can tackle them all in one day.

There’s science behind crossing tasks off a list.

There are not many things that feel better than crossing something off a list. It’s physical proof of what we’ve accomplished! If we’re being honest, we’re guilty of actually writing something we’ve already accomplished on our to-do list for the simple pleasure of crossing it off and marking it as done. And if you don’t believe it, just know there’s science behind list making, planning and crossing off accomplished tasks.

It’s timeless.

There are so many holidays to think about beyond Thanksgiving, and this list can be used for all of them; Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s cleaning. Even if you’re not hosting holiday parties, this cleaning checklist is good to keep handy if you have a few extra days off work and need to keep busy. And it’s not limited to holiday cleaning, this list works as a home cleaning guide all year round.

How to Make it Work for You

Once you’ve got your checklist printed, here’s how we suggest tackling things. First, we’ve found it’s easiest to give yourself a week to accomplish everything. We organized it into five different room types, so if you give yourself a week and try to tick off a room a day, you'll be just fine.

You’ll notice for most rooms a lot of the steps are the same. It just takes time to accomplish everything in each one if you’re trying to be thorough. Since this is general cleaning, the most important thing to keep in mind is no matter what room you’re cleaning, start from the top and work your way down. This way vacuuming carpets and cleaning hard floors is the very last things you do.

How did we decide which rooms to prioritize? We’re so glad you asked! We like to leave the kitchen and bathrooms for last since those get used more often on regular days and most frequently during holiday gatherings. The living room and bedrooms are first because they’re usually pretty easy to maintain. The biggest hurdle in living rooms is controlling the clutter. And don't think guests won't see what's behind closed doors, especially during large holiday gatherings. All it takes is one nosy person or someone mistaking a bedroom for the bathroom to blow your cover of having a clean home. For all you overachievers, we recommend using your holiday cleaning time to wash bedding, pillows, blankets, curtains, and other machine washable fabrics you have around your home. Start a load of laundry when you begin cleaning a room and by the time the cycle is done, you’ll likely be done cleaning.

Entryways are usually small, but they’re important. Chances are this is the first thing your guests will see! That’s why we thought it was important to tidy up inside and outside of the entrance to your home. You know what they say,  you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Once it’s all clean and you’re expecting to have company over, find a nice basket or tray for people to put their shoes in when they arrive. This is a good way to try and avoid cleaning holiday stains that can result when people have their outdoor shoes on indoor carpet. Of course, if you do end up with stains on your carpet, or anywhere in your home, check out our product selector to find the right tools for your cleaning needs!

We hope you found our holiday cleaning checklist helpful, it has definitely helped keep our home clean these last few holiday seasons.