Three Fall Cleaning Tips to Make up for the Missed Spring Clean of 2020

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Fall cleaning may be the new spring cleaning, at least for 2020. To explain, we have to take a trip back a few months, to March of this year. Any other year, March would mark the kickoff of spring cleaning, but this year, everything changed.

Three Fall Cleaning Tips to Make up for the Missed Spring Clean of 2020

We know COVID-19 concerns and the quarantine that would follow changed the way everyone lived this spring. We were especially curious with how it affected people’s cleaning habits and plans, and as we expected, both changed quite a bit.

House Rules Info

We worked with OnePoll to survey 2,000 American parents of school age children on the topic. The biggest takeaway is that parents expect cleaning this fall in particular to be more work than ever. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that quarantine started right around the time spring cleaning would usually take place. Then, with everyone home more often, things got messy. In fact, 75 percent of people admitted to relaxing the usual house rules that were put in place to keep things clean. Suddenly, things such as eating in front of the television, using your phone at dinner, having food in bedrooms, and putting shoes on furniture were permitted.

Pet parents relaxed their rules, too. Eighty-one percent of pet parents surveyed admitted to treating their fur child more like an actual child during quarantine. This meant pets were given more treats, could lay on the bed and got to spend more time outside which in turn meant more dirt inside. So, with more messes for most households in the last few months, 68 percent of people said they’re planning a dedicated fall clean to make up for this year’s lost spring clean.

We have to admit, these findings are pretty exciting for us. We love that people have had more time with their children and fur babies. We also love to clean, so we’ll take any excuse to talk cleaning tips. If you’re like the many people in our survey that are worried about cleaning this fall, we have three easy steps to help ease those worries.


1. Vacuum

We were happy to learn that 52 percent of people found themselves vacuuming more frequently with everyone home. No matter the circumstances, vacuuming should be done at least once a week. And if you have little mess makers, like pets or kids, it’s a good idea to vacuum every few days to keep things clean. We have dozens of vacuums to choose from, including our family of Pet Hair Eraser® vacuums or MultiClean Allergen Pet vacuum with a HEPA Sealed Allergen System. Plus, adding a new vacuum to your home may make your fall clean a little more exciting!

Deep Cleaning

2. Deep Clean

Spring cleaning and carpet cleaning go together like salt and pepper. With so many people skipping their seasonal shampoo this spring, we know a lot of people will be deep cleaning this fall. To give your carpets their best deep clean, we suggest using our Professional ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner and our Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial Carpet Formula. This formula covers it all, like removing everyday dirt and pet stains while also getting rid of odor-causing bacteria on carpet and upholstery. You also have the option of renting a BISSELL carpet cleaner.

Steam Clean

3. Steam Clean

Steam Cleaning is a quick and natural way to deep clean your home this fall. Steam Mops use a combination of water and heat to clean and sanitize* sealed hard floors and a variety of hard surfaces around your home. Many of our steam mops have above floor capabilities, too. For example, our PowerFresh® Slim Steam Heavy Duty Mop is a 3-in-1 steam cleaner that can be used to clean kitchen counters, stoves, microwaves, and an entire bathroom!

We could write forever about fall cleaning tips, but we think these three steps are a good place to start for everyone looking to make up for this year’s spring clean. Of course, our help doesn’t stop here. We encourage you to check out our wide array of cleaning posts on the BISSELL Blog There you’ll find cleaning tips and tricks, like how to clean baseboards, how to sanitize furniture and other soft surfaces in your home, and so much more. As you get ready to tackle this year’s fall deep clean, don’t forget to check out our full lineup of cleaning products on for solutions that make cleaning quick and easy, so you can spent more time living in the moment, not the mess.