The Cleaning Guide You Need this Summer

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The unofficial start of summer is almost here, and with the impending switch of seasons comes another set of annual cleaning tasks. Luckily with the weather warming, you and those loveable mess makers will most likely be spending a majority of your time outside which, in theory, means less to clean inside! And while it may mean less, there are still some indoor rooms that will need a refresh for the coming summer months.

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Memorial Day cleaning is now on most of our minds, so we compiled our top Memorial Day cleaning tips. However, knowing that wasn’t enough for a complete summer cleaning guide, we tossed in our favorite general summer cleaning tips, too. We’ve divided these tips by the different types of summer cleaners you all are – so get your cleaning supplies together, and let’s see what category best describes your summer self!

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For the Habitual Host

Are you constantly inviting people over in the summer? Do you love bringing people together? Are you in search of speedy cleaning tips for Memorial Day that can also apply to any other summer day when friends stop by? If so, you’re likely a habitual host type of cleaner. This summer, many of your gatherings will happen outside, not only because it’s nice out and you have the best backyard, but also because a lot of us will continue observing (in some form) the social distancing we’ve grown accustomed to during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, you have a safe outside space to host a few friends while also observing whatever regulations may be in place.

This summer, you’ll want to keep the party outside, but people coming inside is inevitable. So, when you clean the house, put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Walk into your home the way visitors will arrive. Use the route you expect they’ll take to get to the bathroom or walk the way they’ll use to get to the kitchen and other gathering areas. Once you’ve finalized the route, clean it. If you have hard floors, we recommend using one of our steam mops. When used as directed, they eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You should also clean bathrooms and larger, planned gathering locations. When time is of the essence, go ahead and forget about cleaning bedrooms or other areas where you don’t plan for guests to be.

Your Cleaning Essentials:

For the Cleaning Obsessed

Are you constantly worried about common summer stains, like grass, mud and dirt on the rug, sand in the house, or sticky popsicle residue? Do you take cleaning seriously all year long? Then you’re what we like to call cleaning obsessed. We know you’ve been constantly cleaning to keep up with whatever messes the seasons bring. We also know with summer right around the corner, that your last carpet cleaning session likely happened six months ago, so it’s time for that Memorial Day carpet cleaning and we’ve got just the tools to help.

Your Cleaning Essentials:

  • A spot and stain cleaner, like INSTAclean that removes tough stains in just 30 seconds. You can use it to pretreat before carpet cleaning or to spot treat any stains as they happen.
  • An upright carpet cleaner like ProHeat 2X® Revolution® Pet Pro o give your carpets that deep clean you love so much.
  • A 2-in-1 vacuum like Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo Rewind Vacuum Cleaner, to give your carpets that deep clean you love so much.

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    For the Procrastinator

    Do you find yourself pushing things off until the next day? What about next week? Do you find it easy to push off cleaning specifically? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are one of our beloved procrastinator cleaners. We know you like a clean home as much as the next person, you just sometimes lose track of time. That can result in you spending Memorial Day weekend spring cleaning instead of starting your spring cleaning back in March, like the cleaning obsessed group did. The good news? There’s nothing wrong with doing your spring cleaning now, especially considering it’s still technically spring. Just be sure you keep track of what you clean, so you know all the big cleaning tasks, like deep cleaning area rugs or washing the baseboards are taken care of.

    Your Cleaning Essentials:

    No matter what type of summer cleaner you consider yourself, we’re confident the tips and tools we’ve laid out will help pave the way for a clean summer. We wish you a summer filled with less messes and more memories, including safe family gatherings, lots of outside time and warm weather.