The Chemistry Behind Our Best Products for Pet Stains and Odors

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If you ask any pet parent what a pet adds to life, the first few things they will likely say are joy and companionship, not messes. But as every pet parent knows, a furry companion is bound to have an accident every once and awhile. Luckily, with the right pet stain and odor removal tools on hand, cleaning up those messes is no big deal. Those unexpected pet messes and the inevitable odors are what inspire us every day in our labs. The results are effective stain and odor removal products for pet messes, no matter big or small. Once you start looking at our formulas, you’ll notice BISSELL offers dozens of options, such as cleaning products for your upright and portable carpet cleaners, sprays that can be applied directly on stains, and even shampoos for your dog!

So, with all these options, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? The answer will always depend on the type of stain or odor you’re dealing with. In this post, I’ll cover everything from how to get dog pee out of carpet to how to get skunk odors off your dog’s coat and what is the best carpet spot cleaner for smaller spots and stains. I’ll also detail some of the science we use to develop these products, so you can clean with confidence knowing you’re not just removing stains and odors, you’re also helping to prevent them from resurfacing.

Skunk Odors

It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare: finding out a skunk sprayed your fur baby. The first thing you’ll want to do is get your dog clean and use a pet odor eliminator wash. This is a perfect task for the BARKBATHTM Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System To remove skunk odor from your dog, this machine, matched with our Odor & Skunk No Rinse Shampoo for BARKBATH™ is tough enough to get rid of skunk odors, but gentle enough to be used frequently to bathe your dog. Another benefit of having a BARKBATH on hand is its dual use function. This feature means once you’ve cleaned up your dog, you can clean up any mess they may have brought into your home. For example, let’s say Fido got sprayed on his paw and tracked in mud and skunk odor onto the dining room area rug. Simply switch your machine to carpet and upholstery cleaning mode and change out the formula tanks and tools. Any portable carpet cleaning formula will do the trick, but in this case I would recommend adding Pet Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer to your machine. This formula gives your machine an extra boost to remove old, set-in stains like pet urine and skunk odors in one wash. It also works well in our other portable and upright carpet cleaners.

Urine and Other Odors

There are a few other stinky stains our pets make, including urine, vomit and similar messes. For people asking how to get urine smell out of carpet, I always suggest an enzymatic cleaner, because it is effective at removing stains and odors like pet urine, feces and vomit. Before breaking out your portable or upright carpet cleaner, try using a manual carpet stain remover. One of my favorite enzyme-action manual formulas that we offer is our Professional Pet Stain & Odor Removing Pre-Treat It’s great to have as an emergency dog or cat urine cleaner and provides quick results. When using any of our sprays or foams, make sure to spray more than just the stain that’s visible. People are always shocked when I show them how much of the carpet stain is hidden under the fibers. And one of the problems with this is, with humidity or other forms of moisture, the stain and odor can wick back up the carpet fiber and reappear! Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Check out this video to see how surprised Dr. Natalie Marks, an expert veterinarian, was when I demonstrated proper pet stain removal techniques for her to pass along to her patients.

If you decide to clean a urine stain or something similar with an upright carpet cleaner, another enzyme formula I recommend is our PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator formula. I’ve been asked many times about the difference between cat and dog urine odors, and technically speaking, there is not one. But they do seem different since cat urine has an ammoniacal odor. That ammonia smell means it can be harder to eliminate the odor. Luckily, both formulas recommended here can get the job done for both dog and cat urine stains and odors.

Removing Smaller Stains

It’s pretty rare that a pet accident would require an entire carpet cleaning session. In most cases, you’ll be looking to remove a smaller carpet stain, and luckily you have plenty of options. Sprays and foams are a great choice, especially if the stains are very small. For small but tougher stains, the JetScrub™ Pet Carpet Cleaner or Pet Stain Eraser™ Deluxe Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner are perfect for the job, since both were engineered for quick, everyday spot and stain removal from carpets.

I hope this post helps answer those important pet parent questions like how to get dog pee smell out of carpet and how to be sure you’re using the best BISSELL pet odor and stain removers. I love helping people remove tough stains. Send me your stain removal questions here and you never know, maybe it’ll inspire my next post!

About Brett: Brett Parent has nearly 25 years of chemistry experience in the household cleaner industry. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University. In his role at BISSELL, he leads the development of innovative formulas that help remove the toughest stains life, and pets, throw our way.