Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

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Spring Cleaning is a big deal. There is a ton you can do inside the house, but sometimes you just want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Get the best of both worlds and spend some quality time spring cleaning your garage. If your garage is like ours, you’ll have dead leaves and dirt from fall and winter, plus an accumulation of stuff on any available flat surface. A little time in the spring can set you up for a nice, clean garage all summer long.

Gather the Right Tools

Do you have the things you need to get your garage clean? A broom, some all-purpose cleaner and a few garbage bags will probably do the trick. But, if you like gadgets and want to save time, our Garage Pro® is a wet and dry vacuum that hangs on the wall of your garage, and comes with a 32-foot hose. It will be able to grab the leaves in those far-away corners. And in the back of your SUV.

Assess the Situation

Before you start cleaning, take some time to assess the storage situation in your garage. Are there rakes and shovels just leaning against the wall asking to be knocked over? Consider ways to hang these things, and others, in your garage so they all have a place to call home and save floorspace. Spring is also a good time to check that things are working properly in your garage. Are all the lights working, or do you need to replace a few bulbs? Does everything look right with your garage door and its track? Make sure you’re aware of any maintenance issues that could arise as fixing them in the warmer months is always a good idea.

Get Going!

Now that you know what needs to be done, get moving. Put on some music to make the job go faster. Use the broom or vacuum to get all the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling corners, rafters and walls. Go through the workbench and shelves of cleaners, fertilizers and everything else that found a home in the garage. Safely dispose of anything out of date or no longer needed. Wipe down the shelves and organize as you put away. Donate or throw away things that are no longer needed. Get the kids involved and have them wash outdoor toys and bikes. Then show them the right place to put it all back. By assigning them a task to help, it may help them to want to keep the garage cleaner too. (Or not.) Clean your outdoor trash cans. Power wash the garage door. Vacuum and then hose down the floor.

We know it’s easy to focus on the inside of your home during Spring Cleaning but, as things warm up outside, you’ll probably be spending more time out there. So, cleaning the garage now will definitely be worth it in the long run.