Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget These 10 Spaces

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It’s easy to get into a routine of cleaning the same areas over and over again. And certain common spaces, like the front hall, kitchen, and living room, should be regularly cleaned. However, if you are spring cleaning and looking to focus on more specific “once-a-year” type areas, do not skip over these must clean spaces.

1.  Stains on couches or chairs.

  • Did you know that your carpet cleaner can do double duty and clean your sofa and armchairs? It can! Use your carpet cleaner's attachments, or a portable carpet cleaner, to spot clean your furniture so that it looks good and you feel good too!  

2.  Sliding door track

  • Sliding door tracks collect dirt all year long and can be a pain to clean. We recommend using your vacuum's crevice tool to get loose dirt, sand, gravel, bugs and anything else that likes to hide in the door tracks. Then use a steam mop attachment brush to steam off the packed in or greasy dirt to make the track sparkle like new.

3.  Ceiling Fans

  • The amount of dust that accumulates on top of your fan can be astounding. Have you ever looked up to see a ledge of dirt that looks like it could fall at any minute? Yuck. Use your vacuum wand and dusting brush to suck up all that dust during spring cleaning - before you turn the fan on this summer.

4.  Window Treatments

  • Blinds and drapes get dirty too - dust accumulates everywhere during the winter. Use a vacuum wand and upholstery tool to remove the dust and try a damp cloth on any stubborn marks that you can still see.   

5.  Hard to Reach Places

  • Vacuum the crown molding around your ceiling, the tops of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, above and below the fridge, and any other tall furniture that you have. It's easy to overlook these places during your regular cleaning, but spring cleaning is their time to shine.

6.  Lamp Shades

  • Do you ever think of cleaning your lamp shades? They get dusty too - and pet hair sticks to them. Use you vacuum's dusting brush to gently clean upholstered lamp shades. Or Try a damp cloth to wipe dust off any shades you have that aren't fabric.

7.  Dryer Lint Trap

  • We have a hard time remembering this one. Who thinks to clean the machines that clean your clothes? But getting lint out of the lint trap in your dryer is important in helping to prevent fires. Use your vacuum crevice tool to get down into the lint trap and grab the dust that is lurking. (This is a good idea to do more frequently, too).  

8.  Air Vents

  • Those air vents and heating/cooling registers can really collect dust. Clean those out so your furnace has the best air circulation it can get. use a lightweight hand or stick vacuum, or an extension wand and crevice tool to reach the wall, ceiling, and floor registers around your house.  

9.  Stair Edges

  • We all vacuum the stairs every once in a while, (we try to make it easier for you by having a vacuum with a lift-off canister). But how often do you really get the edges? So much dust and pet hair accumulates toward the edges of carpeting and spring cleaning is a good time to go around the edges of stairs and the rest of your carpet to really clean that neglected area.    

10.  Kids Toys

  • Toys can get so dirty. In and out of kids mouths, in bathrooms, on road trips - they go everywhere. And it's important to keep kid's toys clean for so many reasons. An easy way to clean the hard plastic toys is to put them in your sink or bathtub and use your steam mop and its attachments to clean them. You can feel good about getting the toys clean without harsh chemicals.

We hope we have inspired you to think outside the cleaning box.  Happy Cleaning!