Scrub, Vacuum, Wash, and now, Sanitize Your Hard Floors with BISSELL!

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To say a lot of life happens on our floors doesn’t really begin to tell the story of how much our floors witness over the course of our lives. They are the foundation of our homes and the bedrock of our safe space. They get to see so many cute things, like babies learning to crawl and take their first steps, snoozing pups and playful kittens. They also get to see the not-so-cute things, like drool, shedding, mud, spills, accidents, and so much more. All of those memorable and not-so-memorable moments on our floors are exactly the reasons why keeping them clean is so important.

Kids and Dogs

We know you prioritize keeping a clean home, too, and that’s why we’re constantly working to develop the latest and greatest solutions for floor care. Not long ago, we set out to find new ways to make sanitizing hard floors quick and easy. That journey led us to the exciting development of BISSELL® Hard Floor Sanitize Formula, specially formulated to work in our CrossWave® and SpinWave® machines.


The journey to this breakthrough in floor care started about six years ago. That’s when we began developing our innovative CrossWave machine that vacuums and washes floors simultaneously. During that time, our chemists worked diligently to formulate a solution that works in both our CrossWave and SpinWave products to sanitize and clean at the same time – a revolutionary benefit in the wet cleaning industry! Getting the formula right was a top priority and took a lot of work, our chemists knew that if you use too much of a cleaning and sanitizing formula, your floors can end up sticky and streaky (and who wants that?!). They also knew if you use too little, it may not successfully sanitize or deliver a true clean for your floors. Once they found the right balance, they submitted the formula and were awarded approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who verified and certified that the formula not only cleans and leaves floors virtually streak-free, but also sanitizes* - killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.*


As we’ve said, this revolutionary formula works in all of our CrossWave and SpinWave machines to clean sealed hard floors, including tile, wood, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, vinyl, and more. So, it works great for all messes of life, including pet messes from a potty-training puppy, an aging kitty or for any mess from all pet ages in between. The specialized formula also works great to remove tracked in mud, dirt and grime that builds up around the home. And if the sanitization benefit is not enough to convince you, just know you can clean confidently with this formula that removes allergens** while it cleans, too! It also leaves sealed, non-porous floors clean for children and pets when used as directed, because we know keeping those little mess makers safe is important. Pairing the right formula with a revolutionary floor cleaning machine has never been more important.

The Reviews Are In

We already know people love our cleaning formulas and machines, but we wondered how they would react to our sanitizing formula solution? Once the reviews started rolling in, we quickly learned that not only do consumers love the effectiveness, but they also love the smell and how their floors feel after using it. Check out some of these reviews below, or you can see it for yourself here.

“I no longer dread cleaning my floors and love the "squeak" my bare feet make on the clean floors.”

- Mary, 5-star review*

“Love this product. Bought to use as my baby has started crawling and everything goes to his mouth! I wanted to do what I could to help keep our floors as clean as possible for him!”

- Angelina, 5-star review*
*Review from as of 6/17/2020. This review was submitted as part of a sweepstakes entry.

And just like every other BISSELL product, when you buy a bottle of our BISSELL® Hard Floor Sanitize Formula, you help save homeless pets, too. BISSELL® proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation® and its mission to help save homeless pets. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear.