Our Best Speed Cleaning Tips for Holiday Hosts

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One of the more stressful parts of getting your home ready for the holidays is planning your parties and how you’ll host your family. All it takes is the smallest hiccup to throw that planning off track. At BISSELL®, we’re firm believers that messes, no matter their size, should not be the thing that crashes your party. Maybe you’ve had deep cleaning and decluttering your home on your holiday house cleaning list for a while, and maybe you haven’t. We’ve learned throughout the years that you can spend weeks tackling a holiday home cleaning to-do list, but the fact is, you’ll still have a few tasks right before the guests arrive. So, we put together a list of the most useful speed cleaning tips that we’ve compiled throughout our years of holiday hosting. (And we may say holiday hosting, but these tips are not specific to a holiday speed cleaning routine – they work all year round!)

Gone in 30 Minutes

Believe it or not, when it comes to speed cleaning for company, we recommend waiting 'til the last minute to clean! While this may seem stressful, it’s actually sometimes preferred. The closer to their arrival time that you finish cleaning the better! If you’re cleaning close to their arrival, there’s less time for you, or anyone else in your house to mess up that hard work. Use this to your advantage and set aside a half hour to clean the day you’re hosting.

Once you’ve set aside 30 minutes, use that precious time wisely. Remind yourself that you’re cleaning house for company, not cleaning house for yourself, so you need to think about what guests will see and only focus on those areas. There’s no need to go through and dust every bookshelf in the front room, especially since you know guests will gather in the kitchen – they always do! Our favorite kitchen speed cleaning hack is taking a laundry basket and putting everything that doesn’t need to be on the counters in it. Then, take that laundry basket and keep it somewhere your guests will not be – like the laundry room! Clearing clutter this way only takes a few minutes, so you can focus on those tasks that may take a little longer.

Two in “One-derful”

If you thought removing kitchen clutter was fast, just wait for our next tip. It involves our favorite holiday house floor cleaner – the CrossWave®. This is one of our speed cleaning go-to products because when time is limited, a machine that combines tasks, like vacuuming and washing floors at the same time is the obvious choice, and we’re not the only ones that know products like the CrossWave® Cordless Max are big time savers.

“Being able to go over my area rugs and my hardwood floors all at the same time is big time saver!”*- Bsimon 5-star review

*Review from BISSELL.com as of 11/8/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

“…this exciting product is such a time saver!”*

- Summer, 5-star review

*Review from BISSELL.com as of 11/8/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re more concerned with speed cleaning carpet specifically, the JetScrub Pet Carpet Cleaner is perfect to quickly deep clean stubborn spots and stains. The best part is, your carpet will dry in about 30 minutes if you’re using it in Express Clean Mode.**

**Reference instructions in user guide. Tested on new carpet with protectant. Results may vary.

“Don’t let the compact design fool you… My carpets dried much faster than any other carpet cleaner I've used before.”*

-SarahAM85, 5-star review

*Review from BISSELL.com as of 11/8/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

For speed vacuuming, a cordless stick vac is your best bet since they’re so lightweight. And as an added benefit, many of our stick vacs also convert into handheld vacuums, so you can give your upholstery a quick clean before those guests arrive, too.
Keep Clean and Carry On

Did you know your speed cleaning doesn’t have to stop when guests arrive? And actually, it shouldn’t. We don’t mean that you should spend the entire party cleaning and ignoring your guests – you need to enjoy yourself, too. But every so often take a lap around and clean up what you can, this way you’re not spending the end of your night (or the next morning) cleaning everything again. It’s also a good idea to leave the trashcan out where guests can see it, this prevents them from searching through cabinets for the trash or even worse – leaving their trash around the house.

Hopefully these tips come in handy as you prepare for guests this holiday season. Just remember, once everyone starts to arrive, they’ll be way more focused on the company and less worried about looking at your kitchen grout. So, use these speed cleaning tips to your advantage and then go enjoy your party that you worked so hard to plan!