Keep It Clean This Holiday Season

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Getting your house clean for the Holidays can seem like an overwhelming task.  And it can feel like a waste of time. You get it all clean so that a day later it can be destroyed by guests.  Don’t let cleaning the house (before and after the parties) ruin your Holiday spirit. Here are some tips to tackle the mess and keep it clean this Holiday season.

  • Tackle one mess everyday
    • Leading up to the big event, clean up one mess every day. Take care of the laundry, change sheets and clean bedrooms, focus on the entry way, guest bath, and kitchen. This will help ease the stress of having to clean the entire house in one swoop.
  • Corral your guests
    • Want to contain the mess? Then contain your guests. Ask if everyone remove their shoes at the door when they come in and shut doors to rooms you don’t want people entering. Make the designated “guest bathroom” inviting so that everyone will know to use it and stock it with essentials so that no one will need to wander off in search of toilet paper.
  • Keep cleaning products in an easy-to-access place
    • The BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser is very accessible and cordless so you can grab and go when you see the first sign of spilled wine or gravy. It’s a handheld carpet cleaner that can get spots and spills out of carpet and upholstery.  It is a must have for the Holidays.
  • Make cleanup easy    
    • Empty the garbage as soon as it’s full during the party.  That way people won’t leave their empty plates and trash lying around. Tablecloths will help save you time cleaning counters when your guests leave. And lastly, cleaning up the buffet as platters get emptied is always a good idea.

We hope you can sit back and relax this year and enjoy the Holiday fun! Happy Holidays from everyone at BISSELL.