How to Keep Pet Hair Under Control

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There’s a reason they call our pets our best friends. In some cases, they spend more time with us than anyone else in our lives. It doesn’t matter if we’re relaxing and watching a movie on the couch or heading to the park for some fresh air, some of us like to bring our pets along as often as we go. But when we let our dogs and cats go everywhere with us, that means we risk bringing cat and dog hair everywhere, too. So, how can you control it? We’re so glad you asked! We have more than a few solutions for you. We will recommend if you’re looking for specific steps, like how to get rid of dog hair in houses and on furniture, check out this blog. You’ll find we go into pretty thorough detail about how to get rid of pet hair on certain surfaces. This post, on the other hand, talks in more general terms to preventative measures on keeping pet hair at bay around your house.

‘Shedding’ a Schedule

Obviously, we can’t control when and where our pets shed. When we say you should set a schedule, we mean set a cleaning schedule. If you keep up with vacuuming your floors and furniture once a week (give or take a few days depending on the amount of shedding your pet experiences), you should be able to avoid a couch covered in cat hair or a chair coated with dog hair. We recommend using any of our Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuums for the task. If the product name isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this will: all of the vacuums in this line are designed by pet parents for pet parents, just like you! They’re engineered with Tangle-Free Brush Rolls, so you don’t have to worry about tangles or clumps of pet hair getting wrapped around the brush while you vacuum.* They’re also equipped with a Smart Seal® Allergen System with Febreze. This system picks up small debris, like dog hair and cat hair, and eliminates odors while it goes to work, so you’re left with a fresh smelling home. Then, when you’re done vacuuming, Pet Hair Eraser Vacuums have a Hands-Free Empty Dirt Tank that works with our Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System™. This system keeps pet hair and other debris together in the tank, so when you empty it, it falls straight into the trash, and you don’t have to worry about getting dog or cat hair everywhere.

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*Tested per Tangle-Free Protocol BTP0251-A with hair length 6”-8”.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our pets naturally groom themselves, but it never hurts to give them a paw up in the process! Because all animals are different, we’ll start with our recommendation on how to control cat hair. We’ve all seen our cats give themselves a bath, in fact sometimes we think cats themselves may be the best cat hair remover out there. Most cats bathe themselves daily, and it’s no big deal. But when our cats get older, it’s sometimes harder for them to bathe themselves. That’s why having a pair of our Pet Hair Eraser® Grooming Gloves on hand is a good idea. We sell the gloves in three sizes, medium, large, and extra-large. Their rubber nubs remove loose pet hair while also massaging your pet, so helping them groom themselves really is as easy as petting them!

We also recommend these gloves for people who ask us how to deal with dog shedding. But since dogs don’t always bathe themselves as well as cats, we have a few more options for man’s best friend. We made the process of giving your dog a bath at home easier when we designed our BARKBATH products. Not only are these easier ways to bathe your dog, they’re also faster and cost less, in the long run, than a trip to the groomer! And you can use it almost anywhere. It uses specially designed nozzles to get under the fur and down to the skin to clean your dog. Then its soft suction pulls dirt and water into the tank. Another way to help keep dog hair at bay is by using our special vacuum attachments like the ShedAway® Pet Hair Grooming Attachment, the Pet Hair Fabric Tool for Upright Vacuum Cleaners, the Pet Hair Eraser Tool with Funk Fresh® Odor Eliminator, or the Pet Hair Eraser Tool for Upright Vacuums. They all attach to most of our upright vacuums to remove pet hair from above-floor spots in your home. Plus, the grooming attachment can be used to groom your dog without hair flying everywhere.

Hopefully after reading this post, you’ve realized that when it comes to how to get rid of cat hair and dog hair the answer can be different depending on your needs. But no matter what you decide, just know every solution BISSELL offers can be pretty simple. In fact, some are as easy as just petting your furry friends!