How to Get Odor Out of Carpet with BISSELL® Products

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A lot of life happens on our carpets, and unfortunately that means a lot of odors can find their way onto our carpets, too. People are always asking us for recommendations on how to get smell out of carpet, and we like to consider ourselves experts on removing odors from carpets. You may be surprised to find out that there’s not one single best carpet deodorizer that we recommend. It’s because we know people like options, so that’s what you’ll find in this post.

We MUST Not Stand for Odors

If we had to rank carpet odors that people are asking about most frequently, how to get musty smell out of carpet would be at the very top. Carpet starts to smell musty when mold gets into the fibers. Every time your carpets get wet, there’s a risk that mold will start to grow. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says it’s difficult to see mold on carpet, but it’s not difficult to smell it. That’s where our Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removing Formula comes into play. Whenever someone asks us how to get mildew smell out of carpet, this is the number one formula we’ll recommend because of one main ingredient: enzymes. Enzyme-based cleaners are great because they essentially eat away at stains. You just have to be sure to give the formula plenty of time to work into the stain, anywhere between 12 and 72 hours usually does the trick.

“This is the best stain remover ever! My son had a recliner that has mildew on it. This stuff took off all of the mildew, and also removed the other stains. It looks like a brand-new recliner.”Shirley, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 6/10/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re looking for how to get mildew out of carpet, the steps to removing actual mildew and mold can be more involved, so we recommend contacting your carpet manufacturer for help with this.

Stop Odors at the Source

We understand mold and mildew are not the only odors your carpets will encounter. That’s why we engineered our cleaning formulas to work on a wide range of stains; and beyond that, most of our formulas kill odor-causing bacteria at the source. Our Deep Clean + Antibacterial Carpet Formula and Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial Carpet Formula do exactly that. These products were specially formulated for our portable and full-size carpet cleaning machines that have Easy Fill Systems. Our PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator Formula is a good choice too. This oxygen-based formula cleans stains and fights bad odor molecules at their core, which helps to eliminate the odor and discourage your pet from re-soiling the area.

“I have senior dogs and young active dogs. It seems I'm either cleaning urine from incontinent seniors or foot dirt from all. This carpet formula is the best I've found, and I've tried many. Our carpet is 16 years old and looks totally refreshed after cleaning with this and my BISSELL machine.”Kris, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 6/10/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.


Better Together

You may have heard this before, but BISSELL is very proud of our partnership with Febreze. It helps us make our products that remove odors from carpets that much better. We have cleaning formulas, vacuum filters and vacuum bags with Febreze freshness, but those are far from the only Febreze products we offer. We also have deodorizing carpet powders meant for use before vacuuming, like Febreze Extra Strength Pet Odor Eliminator Carpet Powder. These powders work by clinging to dirt on carpet, making them bigger and easier to vacuum up. Once all the dirt and powder are vacuumed up, you’re left with a long-lasting scent not just on your carpets, but throughout the entire room. It’s easy to use, and if eliminating odors wasn’t good enough, the powder also leaves your carpet feeling softer!

“This is a great product. Even if you don't have a bad odor, it refreshes a room quickly. Just sprinkle on the carpet and vacuum. I do leave it on the carpet for a short time. The room smells clean and fresh immediately.”Louis, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 6/10/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.


We also have our Febreze with Gain Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam which works in a similar way as the powder to eliminate odors like pet, tobacco and lingering cooking smells that may be trapped in carpets.

As you can see, removing odors from carpet is easy, especially with our wide range of odor-eliminating formulas, powders, sprays, and foams. We hope this post gave you all the answers you could hope for, and more when it comes to how to remove odors from carpet.


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