How to Easily Clean Carpets in Your Home

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Do you love the idea of clean carpets but feel like it’s too much work? Or maybe your carpets aren’t really gross, they just have a few dingy areas that you wish were cleaner? BISSELL can help! Cleaning carpets doesn’t have to be a huge weekend-long chore. You don’t have to chase your kids and dogs outside for eight hours while you wait for your carpet to dry. We have a few tips on how to clean carpets quickly and efficiently to make a difference in how your home looks (and how you feel!).

Stick to high-traffic areas

  • There are paths throughout your home that see more wear and tear then others. Focus on those areas. Hallways, entryways and stairs are big ones. Don’t forget to check in front of your favorite couch or chair and by the side of your bed to see how that carpet looks too.

Pre-treat carpets

  • Before you prepare your carpet cleaner for use, pretreat your carpets with a spray cleaner that will start the work for you. Saturate any stains you might see and lightly spray the entire area that you plan to clean. Then, while you are getting your carpet cleaner ready, the formula spray will already be working its magic.

Use Express Clean Mode

  • Lay down less water so the carpet dries quicker. Two of our carpet cleaners have an Express Clean Mode feature.  It uses less water, while still getting a deep down clean, for a clean carpet that dries more quickly. This will really help if you need to access those carpeted areas within a short amount of time.

Use a fan

  • Bring in a fan to keep air moving around the carpet. It will help to dry the carpet fibers faster so your family can get back to enjoying your whole home. 

If your carpet is in need of a full cleaning, like you-hide-your-stains-under-furniture type of clean, check out our other post for our best advice on how to really deep-down clean carpets.