How to Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes Flat

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Let’s face it: Housecleaning for most can feel like a necessary evil. But here’s the thing—it doesn’t have to be an all-day Saturday affair. In fact, you can get your home looking clean in 20 minutes flat if you’re smart about it. Use this list to tackle your space quickly so you can get back to more exciting things (like Netflix and snacks).

  • Declutter: The easiest way to get a home looking spiffy is to put things in their rightful places. Grab a laundry basket and pick up the random things that have found their way into common spaces. Go throughout the house and return each item to where it belongs. Throw the basket in a closet to sort through later if you’re short on time.
  • Clear the entryway: It’s the first place people see when they walk through your door, and often the one that gets dirty the fastest. Throw everything in a hall closet if you have one; or if not, hang coats on hooks and line up shoes so they’re not in one big heap.
  • Tackle your dishes. Nothing can make a clean house look dirty quite like a sink full of dirty dishes. Wash them and leave them to dry on a drying rack. Have a dishwasher? Throw them all in there and shut the door. Wipe off your sink to instantly make your kitchen feel fresher.
  • Wipe surfaces: Family members eating or drinking in the living room can leave behind sticky residue on coffee and end tables. If you’re looking for a quick clean, crumb-free surfaces are a sure-fire way to give the illusion of cleanliness throughout the entire home. To clear up sticky messes, create a solution of equal parts coconut oil and baking soda, and go to town on any flat surfaces.
  • Make the beds: This gets your bedrooms looking more clean in no time. Time-saving tip: Lift the corners of the mattress to get the sheets underneath faster instead of trying to shove them underneath.
  • Multi-Task: Cleaning the high-traffic and high-visibility areas of your floors are a must. Use the BISSELL CrossWave to vacuum and wash your hard floors at the same time. Multi-tasking made easy!
  • Freshen up the smell: As a finishing touch, top light bulbs with a few drops of vanilla extract and turn the lights on. The heat from the bulbs will heat up the extract and make the room smell delicious.

If you’re extra ambitious, try completing a 20-minute cleaning frenzy a few times a week! It will keep your home looking spotless throughout the week, help you tackle messes before they become too big to handle, and you’ll spend less time scrubbing on the weekends.