How to Clean Countertops with BISSELL® Products

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We got our start more than 140 years ago by engineering innovative floorcare products, and that’s still important to us. But did you know many of our floorcare products can now also be used to clean above floors in your home? We know you’re busy. That’s why we continue to design products that have multiple functions, so you can vacuum your area rugs and couch cushions with the same machine or you can clean your hard floors at the same time as cleaning countertops with our innovative 2-in-1 steam mops. This may catch some people by surprise, since a lot of people just wipe their counters down to clean them, but there are plenty of other ways to clean counters.

We took it upon ourselves to write a whole post dedicated to using our products as countertop cleaners. We know people are looking for new ways to clean, especially when it comes to options on how to clean kitchen countertops. Not only do our counters cost a lot of money to replace, but a lot of life happens around counters. You can find them in the bathroom, kitchen and even the laundry room. And while their location in your home may vary, they have one thing in common, they see plenty of dirt and germs. Think about it, the first thing many of us do when we walk in the house is set our bags on them, whether it's a purse, the kids’ backpacks or grocery totes. If not bags and other clutter, hands and food are all over our counters on a daily basis. If the mere thought of all those hidden germs stresses you out, don’t worry. When you finish reading this post you’ll realize kitchen countertop cleaning is actually very easy. 

Clean in Just a Few Swipes

We can’t say enough about our PowerFresh Slim Heavy Duty Steam Mop. We recommend it for cleaning floors, grout, kitchen appliances, and pet toys. It can also be used as a kitchen counter cleaner. This steam mop converts to a handheld steamer and works with seven versatile attachments. For countertop cleaning, we suggest the flat surface tool: it’s basically a mini steam mop for your counters! The flat scraper tool also comes in handy for removing tough messes on counters and the bristle scrub brushes are good for cleaning awkward areas of counters, like where it meets the faucet or the stovetop.

Versatility isn’t the only reason we like recommending 2-in-1 steam mops for people asking how to clean laminate countertops or how to remove stains from countertops. Steam is also a great way to naturally clean hard surfaces around your home. It uses only water for a chemical-free clean. And if you still want your house to smell like you just cleaned, you can boost the scent while steam cleaning with our special scent discs. They come in a Spring Breeze scent or a Pet Odor Eliminating scent. We also sell scented demineralized water in Spring Breeze, Eucalyptus Mint or Citrus scents.

Make the Little Things Count(er)

To achieve clean countertops in your home, it’s not necessary to steam clean them each night. But there are smaller things you can do more often, even daily, to keep your counters clean. It’s so easy for kitchen counters to get cluttered and it happens quickly. In many homes, the kitchen is one of the main entrances, so in addition to people dropping their bags on the counter, the counters can also collect mail, keys, dishes, and food. To keep these in check, just take a few minutes each night to tidy up. Throw away mail you don’t need, wash dirty dishes, put away clean dishes, and keep keys in a special place. Once all the clutter is gone, wipe the counters with a spray and a microfiber cloth.

You can also use our High Reach Duster to quickly clean counters. It adjusts to different heights and can be moved to different angles, so you can clean the main parts of your counters and the tricky spots, too. The large microfiber pad attracts dirt and dust without using any chemicals, and you can toss the pad into the wash when you’re done using it. Cooking dinner in the kitchen also means messes on the counter too, and sometimes you don’t have time to clean an entire counter. If you’re simply wondering how to get stains out of countertops, specifically food stains, our Window and Hard Surface Squeegee is perfect for the task. It’s built to be sturdy, so when you swipe it over tough food messes on the counter, you have more control.

No Counter Left Uncleaned

Hopefully this post helped you rethink how you go about cleaning the countertops in your home. The best part about all of these tips is that they don’t just apply to your kitchen counters. Our steam products, duster and squeegee are all also great for cleaning really anywhere in your home where you may have counters.