How to Clean Concrete Floors

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Keeping your home clean is hard enough. Then there’s the responsibility of keeping the outside of your home clean, like the garage, driveway and even the concrete. We consulted our team of in-house chemists to get to the bottom of the best way to clean concrete. They told us cleaning concrete floors is very difficult and even warned us that removing some stains from concrete floors may be impossible. But, when it comes to understanding how to clean cement floors, not all hope is lost. We’ll walk you through some of the tips BISSELL can offer when it comes to the best way to clean concrete and cement floors.

First: Remove Dry Debris

When you deep clean carpets in your home, you always vacuum dry debris first. The same goes for cleaning concrete floors. You need to remove what you can of the stain before you try to clean it. If you’re cleaning your garage floor, we recommend using our Garage Pro® Wet/Dry Vac. This machine cleans wet and dry messes off the floor. It also has a blower feature, meaning you can vacuum messes directly, or you can blow them into a pile to then vacuum it up. Plus, it comes with a 32-foot hose, so getting to messes, even if they’re in the far corners of your garage, won’t be a problem.

Of course, Garage Pro® isn’t our only answer for curious minds wondering how to clean cement floors. Our MultiClean® Wet and Dry Auto Vacuum is up for the tough task, too. This machine also has a blower function and is capable of cleaning wet and dry messes. One of the unique things about this vacuum is its Multi-Surface Tool. The tool makes switching from vacuuming concrete garage floors to vacuuming a rug as easy as flipping a switch.

Another solution we have for cleaning dry debris from concrete floors is our Multi-Surface Hard Floor Duster. It’s a chemical-free and cordless way to clean. It utilizes a microfiber pad that attracts dirt and dust, cleaning it from concrete floors. It has a jointed handle that makes it easy to reach under workbenches or other obstacles you may have in your garage. Plus, when you’re done using it, all you have to do is rinse the washable pad and let it dry, so it’s ready to go for next time. If you’re looking for answers on how to polish concrete floors, you can even use this duster after you vacuum bigger debris to give your floors a little extra shine.

Second: Tackle Tough Stains

Once you’ve removed all the dry debris, it’s time to focus on trouble spots and stains on your concrete floors. We brought some of the toughest stains to our chemists: we wanted to know how to remove paint from concrete without chemicals, how to remove wood stain from concrete and how to remove oil from concrete. Again, our chemists warned us that removing any stains from concrete is incredibly difficult, and there’s no guarantee to any of these solutions except that they may help reduce the appearance of the stains.

All the solutions we offer are chemical-free for two reasons. One, BISSELL formulas are made for cleaning carpet, fabric & upholstery, and hard floors. We don't specialize in concrete cleaning products. And two, any chemical that is strong enough to remove stains from concrete is very dangerous to be around – and that should give you an idea just how tough concrete stains are. It’s because of the porous nature of concrete and the type of stains that usually end up on concrete, such as oil, salt, wood stain, or paint.

To reduce the appearance of a stain on concrete, put an absorbent material on it to try and pick up some of the stain. Kitty litter, baby powder or baking powder are all great options. Pour enough of any of these on the stain to cover it. Let it sit on the stain and absorb what it can. Once it dries, you can use any of the vacuums mentioned above to clean up the pile.

We realize this may not be enough to remove the stain, and mechanical action may be necessary. If it comes to that, we recommend covering the stain with liquid dishwashing detergent and letting it sit for 5 minutes. This allows the detergent to break up the bonds of the stain. Once time is up, scrub the stain. We offer several scrub brush solutions for this job, including a Corner and Tight Spaces Angle Brush, a Flexible Scrub Brush and a Heavy Duty Grout Brush. Use any of these with a little bit of water to try and scrub the stain away. To rinse, you can use more water or a power washer.

If these solutions don’t work for your stain, don’t be disheartened. Your concrete floors, specifically the ones in the garage, encounter many hard-to-remove stains. If nothing else, these steps should at least help you make the stain less noticeable.