How to Clean Cabinets with BISSELL® Products

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We all have them, but how often do we clean the cabinets in our house? If the answer for you is not enough, don’t worry, we get it. The thing about cabinets, specifically in the kitchen, is that most of them have doors, meaning you can just put things in there and close the cabinet door, leaving what’s inside hidden! If you have open shelves, or clear glass kitchen cabinets, it’s not that easy. You would have to be confident enough in your cleaning to let people see right through your cabinets, or even more impressive, to let people see your kitchenware just sitting on open shelves. It doesn’t really matter what kind of cabinets or storage shelves you have in your kitchen or home; we’ll walk you through how to clean kitchen cabinets and other cabinets in this post. And if you’re trying to figure out how to clean wood cabinets, don’t worry, most of these tips apply to cleaning wood cabinets, too, as long as they’re sealed.

Running on Empty

The first step to cleaning kitchen cabinets is to take everything out and empty them. Yes, this will take a long time, but it’s absolutely necessary. Think about it, if you clean around the things in your cabinets, like plates and cups, you’ll risk getting dirt and debris on those ‘clean’ dishes. That’s why we recommend taking everything out of the cabinets. Make sure to set everything out of the way, either in a tote or on a countertop or dining room table. This is also a great time to go through and donate any unwanted dishes you may come across while cleaning!

From the Top Down

We always recommend working from the top down when cleaning your home, and cleaning kitchen cabinets is no exception. If the cabinets in your home don’t run all the way up to the ceiling, the tops of them are probably pretty dusty. Lucky for you, cleaning them is easy. You’ve got a few options for selecting the best kitchen cabinet cleaner for this scenario. First, there’s the simple solution: our High Reach Duster. It can extend up to 14 feet while pivoting and locking into different positions, so you can clean multiple angles of the top of your cabinets. A second solution is our favorite household cleaning device: a vacuum.

Many of our vacuums work with special tools and attachments to clean above-floor messes around your home. If you’re wondering how to clean wood kitchen cabinets, we suggest using your vacuum’s crevice tool and/or dusting brush. Our Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo Plus Vacuum Cleaner is built with a Quick Release Extension Wand that works with an LED Lighted Crevice Tool to illuminate messes in and above cabinets, and a 2 in 1 Pet Dusting Brush to brush messes off your cabinets and into your vacuum.

"I love the detachable wand. It allows me to get into my cabinets and I can turn the brush off, so I don't have to worry about damage to my floors or having to tilt vacuum while I'm using the wand. Love the light on the wand for dark corners.”Mbrown92172, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 5/28/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

Bottom Dwellers

Of course, not all cabinets are up high. Most homes also have low cabinets in their kitchens and bathrooms, and it can be difficult to clean the area where those cabinets meet the ground. That’s why we recommend using a steam mop to clean cabinets. They’re especially helpful for people searching for steps on how to clean wooden kitchen cabinets, since wood can be a tricky material to clean. Just make sure the cabinets you’re cleaning are sealed wood, otherwise the steam may damage them. Our PowerFresh® Deluxe Steam Mop has swivel steering, so it’s easy to maneuver around and under cabinets.

"It even got thru the build up around my cabinets that was left behind from mopping! I love my new steam mop. Once it heats up (which takes minimal time) it glides over linoleum with no problems and cuts right thru sticky spots."* - Stacy, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 5/28/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

Our steam products can also clean inside cabinets. This is a job best handled by one of our convertible steam mops. PowerFresh® Slim Heavy Duty Steam Mop works as three machines in one. It works as a steam mop for your floors, it converts to an extended reach surface cleaner and a handheld steam cleaner. It also comes with seven different tools to give the nooks and crannies of your cabinets a chemical-free clean.

As you can see, cleaning your cabinets doesn’t have to be as big of a chore as you may think. In fact, if you take anything away from this post, we hope it’s that the best way to clean kitchen cabinets is really just to make sure you have the right BISSELL® machine on your side!