How to Clean a Garage like a Garage Pro®

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Your garage can be one of the most useful areas in your home. But because it's used so much and for so many reasons, keeping A clean garage can be tough! It doesn’t take long for a garage to collect clutter and dirt. We think every garage should have a garage cleaning vacuum to help make garage cleanup as easy as possible. These vacuums come in handy not just during garage cleaning, but you can use them to clean out things inside your garage as well, like your car. After reading this post, we’re confident you’ll be armed with the tools we find necessary for a successful session of cleaning out the garage.

A Professional-Level of Clean

Whenever someone asks us how to clean out garages and keep them clean, we usually start with recommending our Garage Pro® Wet/Dry Vac. It conveniently hangs right on the wall of your garage, so it's ready to tackle the task of a thorough garage clean out whenever you decide it's time to clean. And because it hangs on the wall, it doesn't take up any valuable floor space in your garage, so things look and feel less cluttered. You also don't have to worry about dragging the vacuum around as you move throughout your garage. This vacuum's 32-foot hose allows you to vacuum wet and dry debris from almost every corner of your garage, and when you're done, you can wrap it right up on the vacuum. But get this, it doesn't just vacuum. Garage Pro® can also be used to blow debris around, which is especially useful if you're trying to clear leaves off the ground or move debris off workbenches or workspaces.

"[I] use Garage Pro in my workshop to clean up my vintage cars and daily drivers! Also use to thoroughly clean carpet (both wet and dry). At times use to clean up workspaces used for wood products."* - Joan, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 5/14/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

Garage Pro® comes with seven different attachments that are a great match for any mess depending on where in your garage you're trying to clean. We love using the large area cleaning tool and multi-surface tool for cleaning wet and dry debris off the garage floor. The precision blower tool is also great for cleaning debris from concentrated areas of your garage, like along cement cracks or around the garage door tracks.

All About Options

Of course, Garage Pro® isn't the only recommendation we have for people wondering how to clean garages. MultiClean® Wet and Dry Auto Vacuumis another favorite that's up for the task of garage cleaning. Instead of mounting it on the wall, this vacuum sits on wheels and has a handle on top, so it's easy to carry, or push and pull, around with you as you;re cleaning different areas of the garage.

"We've been using this vacuum in our garage where my husband does a lot of woodworking. It's a powerful unit and it picks up EVERYTHING! One of his friends says it looks like a race car. It's very stylish with is black and red coloring, so it's not some ugly thing you are embarrassed about if it's not hidden away when company shows up unexpectedly. BISSELL lives up to the quality associated with its name."* - M. Stout, 5-star review

*Reviews from as of 5/14/19. Some reviewers may have received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

MultiClean® holds up to 6 gallons of wet and dry debris. And with a powerful 11-amp motor, you don’t have to worry about this machine not being able to pick up large debris. It also has a blower function to move dry messes in your garage either outside or into a pile.

This vacuum, similar to GaragePro®, comes with a seven-piece auto detailing kit that includes multi-surface tools to easily transition from cleaning debris off hard surfaces, like concrete, to softer surfaces like a rug. It also comes with a large area tool that powers through those common wet messes you also come across in the garage.

Organizing Your Garage

Sometimes it takes more than a vacuum to feel like you’ve really accomplished a good garage cleaning and organizing session. That's a topic we cover in our spring cleaning posts. You can read up on our spring garage cleaning tips here. In it, you'll find more product recommendations and a way to prioritize cleaning out and organizing the contents of your garage. Using those tips combined with the tips in this post, we're confident you'll be able to quickly clean your garage - and keep it clean all year long!