House Cleaning Tips and Tricks from the BISSELL Team

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As employees at a cleaning company, we are constantly asked what our favorite products are, if we have any insider information on how to get stains out, or just general house cleaning tips and tricks that we can share with our friends and family.  We decided that it is time to go public with some of our favorites.

What is your favorite house cleaning product and why?

  • Little Green for sure.  With three dogs, we have the occasional accident or throw up.  Teamed up with the Professional Pet Stain and Odor Pre-treat, the Little Green with Pet Formula has been a true lifesaver for our carpet. I don’t know how I ever lived without one. – Kristin B

What is a house cleaning tip that really works for your family?

  • We have a crate that keeps all of cleaning supplies in it.  The crate goes from room to room when we clean…one room at a time, during a somewhat regular cycle.  We clean very early in the mornings during the week – no one is in the way!  My husband and I both tackle the chore.  – Stephanie H.
  • When I have visitors coming over on short notice I first focus on clearing clutter – everything goes into the closets!  Then I run around the house with my handheld Pet Hair Eraser hitting all of the corners and edges that have collected my dog’s fur. – Mandy J.

What is the most effective way that you clean up after pets or kids?

  • We have 2 long haired cats and a non-shedding small dog.  The best thing to clean up long, fuzzy pet hair on upholstery, is a damp clean cloth or paper towel.  We do this often.  Right before company comes over!  For messes, the Little Green or SpotBot.  – Stephanie H.
  • At the recommendation of Cathy Bissell, I use the Steam Shot Handheld Hard Surface Steam Cleaner to clean all of my toddler’s hard plastic toys.  First, I steam clean the bathtub and then fill it with toys and one by one clean each one – chemical free and faster than scrubbing in the kitchen sink! – Mandy J.
  • With a toddler in our house, and two large dogs, I’m definitely a you-see-it, you-clean-it person.  The SpotBot allows me to have a quick solution to spills without taking my attention away for too long.  – Mandy J

What is your best house cleaning tip?

  • For a deep clean:  My wife and I do this twice a year washing windows, wiping down walls then taking out the BISSELL Big Green to deep clean the carpets. In the spring and then again in the fall. This takes out the smells that collect from all that the dogs bring in. – Larry W.
  • I have a wood dining table with grooves that collect food crumbs and are difficult to clean because they do not run out to the edge of the table. I used to use a damp paper towel to wipe them and hope the crumbs stuck to the towel, but then I figured out I could use my vacuum with the crevice tool to provide enough suction to pull crumbs right out. – Jake M.
  • When my house needs to be cleaned quickly, my husband and I do what we call a “power hour”. We put on music and get as much done as we can in 60 minutes. It started as a joke and the name stuck. He takes a couple of rooms and I do the others. Our CrossWave saves us a ton of time! – Samantha P.
  • One cleaning tip I learned and love involves lemons. I use the cut side of a lemon on my cutting board to remove stains and smells. Then I put the lemon rind down my sink disposal followed by cold water to clean and freshen that as well. – Liz S.

We hope some of these house cleaning tips and tricks from our team make their way to your home!