Guests Are Coming. Are You Ready?

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Easter Sunday is less than a week away, and for many of us that means visitors. Even if you aren’t expecting guests on Sunday, knowing how to quickly clean is a good skill to have in your tool belt for whenever guests come over. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planned or surprise visit, these tips will help you get your house ready to impress quickly. And the best part? Your guests won’t even be able to tell you rushed through cleaning right before they arrived.

In Their Shoes

In order to help you plan your cleaning tasks, you need to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Step outside and pretend you’re walking into your house for the first time. Take note of areas that seem particularly dirty and put those at the top of your to-do list. Because it’s the beginning of spring, we have a feeling your porch needs a little extra TLC. Don’t worry, ours does too. All you need is a quick sweep of the porch to get things looking fresh again. If you have furniture and cushions out there, wipe those off and fluff them up so they look new.

After the porch, focus on that entryway. Grab a stick vac like our BOLT® LITHIUM Pet Lightweight 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum and use it on any rugs you have sitting by the door. This vacuum also works on hard floors so you can use it to clean any bare floors you have in your entryway as well.

Air it Out

It’s been a long winter, and now that it’s nice outside, open those windows and let the fresh air in. Lighting candles also helps your home smell better and sets a nice mood. Consider grabbing a small bouquet of fresh flowers next time you’re at the store. It makes a big difference in how your home smells and is a nice touch if you’re trying to impress guests.

Counter Countdown

Time is ticking, and your guests could be here any minute. Now’s the time to grab whatever clutter you see on your kitchen counter and organize it into piles or toss it in a laundry basket and set it in your bedroom to take care of later. Your guests will never know! Once the counters are clear, spray them with an all-purpose formula and wipe them down. Don’t forget to wash the sink too, especially in the kitchen where it doesn’t take long for the sink to start stinking. Do the same in the bathroom. Pay close attention to any toothpaste that might be stuck on the sink. While you’re in the bathroom, grab fresh towels and extra toilet paper and set them out. On your way out of the bathroom, empty the trash and swing by the kitchen to empty that bag as well.

Save the floors for last just in case you accidentally wipe crumbs onto the floor. We love using our CrossWave® Pet Pro to vacuum and wash our hard floors and area rugs at the same time. It combines two chores, saving you precious time right before guests come. And the special formula leaves a fresh scent behind after you finish cleaning.

If you don’t get everything done, don’t stress. Your guests are coming over to see you and your family, not judge how clean your house is. You’ll be surprised how quick, small chores like these add up in the grand scheme of a clean home, especially when minutes count.