Get Your Home Holiday Ready with BISSELL Rental

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Are you ready for holiday guests this season? It’s okay if the answer is no, we are still getting into the swing of the season too. As we start to think about the parties to come with our own families, we came up with this list of how to get ready for Thanksgiving. We hope it helps you start to plan too!

  • Plan a menu and pick out recipes
    If you are hosting the party, do you have people bring food or is making the entire Thanksgiving feast your plan? Now is the time to think through the pros and cons of both.  Make up a list of both the menu options and any recipes that you are making, so that no one has to run to the store on Thanksgiving Day. (Not that we are judging, it’s happened to plenty of us.)
  • Plan your table setting
    This is more than just making a pretty table, do you have enough chairs? Most of us have had to sit at the kids table in our lives – and that’s okay – but make sure you have enough places for everyone you invite. If you do decide to create beautiful table settings, start thinking about the look that you want. Elegant? Modern? Rustic? There are so many options – you can get lost on Pinterest looking through everything.
  • Clean your carpet
    In the past year, your carpet and floors have seen a lot of action. Dirt comes in the door and messes happen, even in the cleanest of houses. Carpet can get dingy and matted down without us even noticing. But guests might notice! Cleaning the carpet is an easy way to brighten up your house for the Holidays. If you don’t own a carpet cleaner, rent a Big Green from a local retailer. We’ll even give you a coupon to get started! Find it here. Valid from 11/9/17 – 12/13/17.
  • Make food ahead
    Spend less time stressing on the day of Thanksgiving by making as much food ahead of time as you can. Pre-party prep is key, cook and clean your kitchen so you can spend time with your guests on the day of.
  • Decorate for fall
    Make your home an inviting place for your guests to eat, drink and watch football. You don’t have to go all out – themed napkins, glasses, and serve ware are an easy way to add that little extra something.
  • Create a cooking schedule
    The turkey goes in when? It can be early! Depending on what you’re making, you may need more oven space than you actually have. Write up a cooking schedule to make sure that you don’t have a problem and so that all of your food comes out at the right time.
  • Clean out your refrigerator
    This seems like a silly thing for the list, but make room for leftovers ahead of time! There’s no reason to keep the forgotten spaghetti on your bottom shelf if stuffing can fit there instead.