Everything You Need to Know About Steam Cleaning

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When we think about a classic clean, the magic of steam is right up there with our beloved carpet sweeper. Our trusted and true, long-standing sweeper is the first product invention that started everything for us back in 1876. The naturally powered, manual machine easily sweeps up hair, dirt and debris from multiple surfaces. Like the sweeper, steam also had a simple start back in the late 1600s when an engineer discovered just how powerful it can be. Since its discovery, steam is now used for things like powering engines, cooking veggies, heating buildings, hydrating our skin, and of course our favorite – cleaning!

Eveything to you need to Know About Steam Cleaners

It doesn’t get more simple and natural than steam cleaning. The method uses a combination of water and heat to effectively clean and sanitize* sealed hard floors and a variety of hard surfaces all around your home. And because it only involves water, steam cleaning is 100% chemical-free. So, when you use it as directed, it's a safe way to sanitize surfaces that kids and pets come into contact with.

When we say steam sanitizes we’re not kidding. The process eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria on sealed hard surfaces*. Plus, it’s a favorite of pet parents, with a whopping 76% of steam mop owners saying they have at least one pet in their home.† Steam is a great option for a quick clean, too. BISSELL steam cleaners, like PowerFresh® Deluxe can heat up in as little as 30 seconds and only require you to fill up the tank with water (there’s no formula to mix)!

*Using the microfiber pad on hard floors, use as instructed. Results may vary. Tested under controlled laboratory conditions without tools or accessories.
Source: Numerator Custom Steam Mop Study, December 2018. Base: Total Steam Mop Users (n=704).

Kids and Dogs

Types of Steam Cleaners

While steam cleaning is a very basic concept, steam cleaners have come a long way in their ability. We still offer traditional floor steam mops, like PowerFresh® Pet, but we upped our game when we designed Symphony™ Pet All-in-One. This machine vacuums and steams floors at the same time, saving you time by combining cleaning tasks. And floor steam mops are just the beginning of what we offer. Steam Shot™ is our handheld steam cleaner that lets you take the natural power of steam cleaning to above floor surfaces in your home. It has nearly a dozen tools and accessories that work on grout, counters, shower walls, and a variety of other hard surfaces in your home.

We love a solid machine that does multiple tasks, which is probably why we offer so many 2-in-1 steam cleaners. A few of our favorites include PowerFresh® Slim Heavy Duty, which can be used as a floor steam mop, a handheld steam cleaner and an extended reach steamer, as well as PowerEdge™ Lift-Off® 2-in-1, which works as a floor steam mop and a handheld steam cleaner. It’s safe to say that have a steam cleaner out there for everyone, and one to fit your cleaning needs.
We also have a line of scented demineralized waters that work in all BISSELL steam cleaners. If you’re like us and appreciate being able to freshen as you clean, these are for you. They come in spring breeze, eucalyptus mint or citrus scents.

Kids and Dogs

Before You Steam

Once you’ve found the steam cleaner that’s right for your home cleaning needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, check a small, inconspicuous area where you’re planning to clean and make sure the steam doesn’t damage the surface or change the color. The odds of this happening are low, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Once you’ve cleared that checkpoint, it’s full steam ahead!

If you have a 2-in-1 steam mop or handheld steamer, let it cool down before you switch tools and accessories. Steam is hot and can cause serious burns if the proper precautions are not taken. If your machine uses mop pads, throw them right in the wash when you’re done, and be sure to have a few extras on hand, so you’re always ready to steam clean your floors!

Now that you’re a certified steam cleaning expert, it’s time to get to work! No matter which steam cleaner you choose, we’re confident you’ll find steam cleaning to be another quick and easy method we offer to let you steam away life’s messes, so you can get back to simply living in the moment.