Cleaning Up Pet Messes in the Car

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Some pets LOVE car rides, like seriously love. Just those two words “Car-Ride” are enough to send them into a tail spin of excitement. And that’s great; pets can be great companions for road trips, leisurely drives and just picking up the kids from school. However, between sticking their heads out the window and riding shotgun, our pets can – and likely will – leave a mess in your vehicle.  Try not to stress, although sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done, we know.  Here are some ideas on how to keep your car looking clean and smelling fresh.

Be prepared:

Keep a basket of goodies, a “clean-up kit” if you will, for “whoops-a-daisy” accidents. (If you have kids this is also a good idea!) Include items like paper towels, some rags, wipes, glass cleaner, a bottle of stain and odor remover and some plastic bags. You can keep this in your car or even in your garage for easy access.

Be consistent:

Choose a spot in your car for your pet and keep them in that spot… always!  This will contain your dog and hopefully their fur and dirt, and at least part of your car stays clean.  Spread out a blanket or towel to protect your car.  Blankets and towels make for very easy cleaning – just throw them in the laundry every once in a while. 

Be fresh:

Rolling down your windows might work sometimes, but it isn’t the best way to remove stinky pet odors and debris permanently from your car.  Regular vacuuming can help with the overall clean feeling. We recommend the Pet Hair Eraser cordless vacuum – it’s super convenient and easy to use.  For some of the more difficult stains and smells we recommend the  SpotClean Auto cordless carpet cleaner.  

If you stick to these tips, you might be able to start your own car detailing company! Don’t let pet hair or pet messes stop you from taking your pup (or 5) along for a ride. A few simple changes, and a little preparation, can make it easy to keep your car clean, even with pets!